Washington Redskins: Time For Tough Decisions

ROB YOUNG SR@HomeTeamZoContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

Okay, we have had time to vent, bash, and be critical of the entire organization. We have posted our wish list of G.M.'s, coaches, players, and owners. 
So now, let's take a look at not only what we wish or think they should do, but what they actually can do this offseason. 
With limited draft picks and limited cap space, this front office is in the spotlight to make Good decisions that may not pay dividends this season. At this point decisions from the past still haunt this franchise, and yes there are things that will not be addressed, but it can not be due to a lack of attention to the issue this time.  
If 2010 is not uncapped there will be some contracts that pay money that will put huge dents in the cap space needed to improve this team. Players Like Portis, Moss, Randle-El, and Thomas that, yes, still have a few good years left, but does it make sense to wait until they are done to make decisions about there future?
Do we trade one of the few players we have with trade value; i.e, Cooley, Portis, or Moss? A decision must be made on Campbell because I for one do not want to depend on this front office finding the next Ryan or Flacco, do you?  
I posted a thread stating 'we need a real losing season' for reasons other than just a high draft pick. Someone else said maybe if Snyder witnesses it really go bad, the changes that need to be made will be. 
The idea that has been pitched for seasons now is "we are not that far away." During those seasons the roster has aged, no depth has been established, and we are a team still partly living in our past.
We bash Snyder for free agent spending, and then call for him to go after A. Haynesworth (i.e, George Allen's "The Future is Now") who will likely demand mega-millions. We keep being asked to be patient; well, we have been, but each season the same product is put on the field. 
Another reason to get an experienced NFL guy in charge is they are better equipped and more likely to make the tough decisions that have got to be made. Just look at the Washington Capitols tough decisions, where the plan was stuck to, and  now they are reaping the rewards.
Look at what Parcells did in Miami. Time to make the tough decisions....HTTR