Jacksonville Jaguars Trade for Anquan Boldin?

David NelsonCorrespondent IIIFebruary 10, 2009

This offseason is said to be an infamous "rebuilding" year for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I am going to go ahead and disagree with that statement. This year was supposedly a rebuilding year for team's such as Miami and Atlanta, and look what happened.

The Arizona Cardinals were in the Super Bowl, who would've thought? Enough rambling on about that, my point is simply this, that the Jacksonville Jaguars are not in a rebuilding mode and the reason why this is true is because they are only a few pieces away from being a Super Bowl contender. 

Yes, last year was a complete let-down, a team with such promise and high expectations crumbled to a 5-11 record. This was possibly looking to be the most promising year in the history of Jacksonville football, but that is now the past.

Looking onto a new season, perhaps it's because I think it's a year ago and we just lost to the Patriots in the playoffs, I believe that yes, a few major changes are needed, but nothing as drastic as last year when we blew millions upon millions of dollars on unproven, overpaid free agents.

Jerry Porter, Drayton Florence, Cleo Lemon—talk about three guys who didn't contribute a thing. Oh yeah, another guy named Derrick Harvey who took tons of the Jaguars money also didn't play worthy of that eighth overall pick. Perhaps we should've stayed with the 26th overall pick and selected...eh, nevermind. 

On to my point, Anquan Boldin. A proven No. 1 receiver, a leader, and just like all the other stud wide receivers, a selfish crybaby (yes I know, except for Larry Fitzgerald). 

He is what I like to call the perfect fit for this offense. A guy who wants the ball, who will get in the face of David Garrard if he isn't. Matt Jones doesn't really ask for the ball, and neither does Dennis Northcutt, Mike Walker, Reggie Williams...and the million and two other mediocre wideouts that this team possesses. 

The Solution: Jaguars, Jack Del Rio, Wayne Weaver, buckle down and do the safe trade for Anquan Boldin. We don't have high expectations for an eighth overall pick after last year. If the Cards' want a first and fourth rounder, give it to them. 

I know I know, what about our O-line dilemma? Well, lets look ahead to the second round. As we all know, mock drafts may be a good forecast for the first one through five, maybe seven, picks. After that, guys fall into different rounds then the "experts' predicted (Sorry Mel Kiper, you just aren't the genius that many think you are). 

Look at last year, how many WR's were projected to go in the first round? I saw some mock's with up to three, four, or five. How many actually got drafted? Zero. So looking ahead, I think it's safe to say that with our early second-round pick, we can still grab a guy who will help our O-line.

Let's not stay at pick eight overall, and reach for a guy like Jason Smith. Wait 'til round two, perhaps its Michael Oher, Alex Mack, Max Unger, or whoever it is, someone will be there to help our O-line.

To make a long story short, give the money to the guy who's proven and can be a huge weapon (Anquan Boldin). I say trade for him, and sign him to a five-year/$45-$50 million contract. He's worth it.