WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: 10 Burning Questions Heading into Money In The Bank

Joseph Lisnow@@lisnowjCorrespondent IIIJune 18, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012 Results: 10 Burning Questions Heading into Money In The Bank

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    After last night’s WWE No Way Out PPV, there are plenty of questions that remain unanswered as the WWE prepares to enter the summer season. In recent years, the WWE has done some interesting angles like the Nexus invasion and CM Punk leaving the company as champion, as a way to keep fans interested.

    There were several moments from Sunday night’s PPV leaving the audience uncertain as what to expect leading into Money in the Bank (MITB) on July 15. The WWE has four weeks to help build one of their better shows of the year and there are plenty of questions that already need to be answered.

    After No Way Out 2012, here are 10 burning questions heading into MITB.

Do CM Punk and Daniel Bryan Keep Feuding?

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    A feud between these two never seems to get old.

    Punk and Bryan have fought each other on the independent circuit, all the way up to the WWE. Both have earned a pinfall victory over the other and their matches have been some of the best this year.

    Both wrestlers are known for winning and cashing in their MITB briefcase for their desired championship, but at MITB they will continue the next chapter in their feud. The WWE seems to be building around a blowout match between these two, maybe in August at SummerSlam.

Is John Laurinaitis Going to Remain Fired?

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    It is hard to believe the WWE has seen the end of John Laurinaitis.

    He just came off a major victory at WrestleMania to become the General Manager of Raw and SmackDown. It feels too soon for the WWE to write him off TV. It seems like the WWE wants to make Laurinaitis parallel to the character of Mr. McMahon.

    Somehow Laurinaitis will slither his way back into a power position and remain on TV. The crowd needs someone to hate and Laurinaitis fits this role.

Do John Cena and Big Show Keep Feuding?

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    Now that they have had a match with two different jobs on the line, the question is what is left between the two.

    They have just fought inside a cage, so what is the next step to elevate this feud. It seems the WWE cannot go much further with this feud and it may ending soon.

    The Big Show will continue his path of destruction, while Cena will slide into another feud. Maybe John Laurinaitis will place a bounty on the first person to take Cena out because the Big Show could not get the job done.

    Either way, a rematch between these at MITB is still possible.

Does Ryback’s Push Continue?

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    Every PPV, Ryback seems to lower the overall rating of the show because his match is just a few minutes of him on the offense against some jobbers.

    If this push is going to continue, then have Ryback fight some actual wrestlers on the roster at the PPV. Defeating jobbers does not mean anything after about two matches. The crowd gets that his gimmick is that he is made to look unstoppable.

    Ryback’s next PPV match will hopefully be one that is advertised before the show with some known talent.

Does Dolph Ziggler Deserve a World Title Rematch?

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    Dolph Ziggler’s push to the main event should continue.

    Many have been waiting for Ziggler to really get a run as champion. At No Way Out, he again proved that he can work a championship match and gain attention from the crowd. Sheamus and Ziggler had one of the best matches of the night and hopefully their feud continues.  

    With Sheamus on a roll since winning the Royal Rumble, a win for Ziggler or at least a rematch at MITB can really help make him the star he is destined to be.

What’s Next for A.W. and The Prime Time Players?

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    The Prime Time Players have officially become the No. 1 contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship.

    It is nice to see the tag division on display again, but the bigger question is what’s in store for their manager A.W.? It seems the WWE is ready to create a new stable of wrestlers around A.W., who now represents The Prime Time Players as they prepare for tag team gold.

    Hopefully, this relationship that A.W. has formed will lead to more from the tag division, rather than this just being a simple storyline where he now manages these two relatively new stars.

Will Kharma Return?

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    The crowds chants the name Kharma every time a divas match starts, waiting for her return.

    It has been many years since there was such excitement for one female wrestler. She may be the one who can help bring some actual wrestling back to the Divas Championship again.

    With Layla as a face champion, it may be only a short wait time until she returns to go for the championship. Or maybe she waits and goes right for Beth Phoenix.

    Whoever she challenges upon her return, it should be memorable.

Will the WWE Attempt to Make Sin Cara a Star Again?

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    Last year, Sin Cara was a commonly heard WWE name because of his shaky debut and suspension of the Wellness Policy.

    It has been a year and he has been given another chance to prove he is a star since returning from injury. Sin Cara’s in ring work has been better and the WWE will probably keep pushing him unless he does something where the company must take action.

    There is likely some sort of match between him and Rey Mysterio very soon down the road.

What’s Next Between Brock Lesnar and Triple H?

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    Triple H basically set the match between himself and Brock Lesnar up for SummerSlam at the No Way Out PPV.

    The question is if Lesnar will make any live appearances before SummerSlam to hype the show. Maybe he appears at MITB to address Triple H and this way it can help bring buy rates to the PPV and only use one of Lesnar’s contractual dates that he has left.

    So does the WWE decide to have Lesnar appear on the MITB PPV, hold off until Raw’s 1,000th episode or wait until SummerSlam?

Who Wins the MITB Briefcase?

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    The big question is who wins the MITB briefcase this year. Everyone who has gone on to win their briefcase has cashed it in successfully to become champion and it has helped jump start several careers.

    While there has not been any official announcement, the MITB is more interesting if there is just one match. It narrows down the list of possible candidates and makes the match more special with wrestlers that the audience believe may actually win.

    My eight superstars for the match include: Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Christian, Jack Swagger, The Great Khali, Brodus Clay and a returning Wade Barrett.