Alex "A-Roid" Rodriguez Comes Clean, But Can Do No Right

danny perezContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

I mean really, you almost have to pity this poor guy, well insanely rich guy, but you know what I’m getting at.

Alex Rodriguez continues to dig himself in a hole. Every time an issue arises, you used to get the feeling that he’s going to overcome it and become a better person/ballplayer, and really the opposite happens.

Now it’s just like, okay, what’s going to happen next?

Throughout his career, A-ROID has been making bad decisions. He manages to always make matters worse by putting his foot in his mouth when answering questions in the media.

Let’s face it, he tries too hard and it shows. As much as he tries he’ll never get to Jeter-status and we know that kills him.

Hey A-ROID, here’s some advice, if you can just try to be yourself for once, you may come out on top every once in a while. That’s the difference between him and Jeter. Jeter is his own person and people respect him for it. A-ROID tries too hard to please everyone and people see right through that.

As a Mets fan, I was honestly looking forward to him breaking Hank's home run record, because BARROIDS record is meaningless. I will say it again, Barry Bonds’ home run record doesn’t hold any value and it shouldn’t.

But now what?

His legacy is tainted, it has to be. Even if some decide to judge him on his career minus the admitted three steroid years, you just don’t know if he only took it for three years.

Hank's record should still be the number to shoot for and should hold more weight now than ever.

One thing he did do right and should get credit for is coming clean quickly when news broke. For this, he should be forgiven the same way Andy Pettite and Jason Giambi received the free pass. I respect him for coming out with that, even though it seemed he had no choice but to.

A-ROID should thank Clemens for giving him insight on how not to handle steroid accusations and he surprisingly learned from it. Imagine if he would’ve denied it?

Let’s talk about Jose Canseco for a second. He went from being the biggest laughing stock when he released his book, to…okay there may be some truth to it, to...okay maybe he’s on to something and knows a few things, there anything he did say that wasn’t true?

For all the shit he got, let’s give Jose Canseco a hand for basically initiating what has become cleaning up America’s pastime. He was the one that brought it to everyone’s attention when baseball turned a blind eye.

In A-ROID’S case, Canseco said he did everything but inject him with the stuff.

Question is, where would we be if Canseco didn’t let the cat out of the bag? Barry would probably still be playing and approaching 800-900 home runs. Clemens would still be raging on the mound, throwing 95+ at age 45.

All I can say is, thank goodness for Jose Canseco to help bring integrity back to the game.

Go figure.


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