Why NHL Fans Shouldn't Abandon Ship During the Rocky Times

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Why NHL Fans Shouldn't Abandon Ship During the Rocky Times

In Montreal, there's a panic.

In Ottawa, they're trying to get their act together.

In Toronto, they've already accepted they're rebuilding.

In Vancouver, the team may have found what is ailing them.

In Pittsburgh, they're hoping that Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin can carry the team.

In Calgary, they're hoping that they don't sink too low to give up the Northwest Division lead.

In Edmonton, more panic.

That sums up only a fraction of the NHL's fan attitude when it comes to their beloved NHL teams.

As a diehard Montreal Canadiens fan, there's a bit of a panic going around the community about how the Canadiens are slipping lately.

Let me address something that all NHL fans need to know.

It only gets darkest before the dawn.

Panicking over a two- or three-game losing streak could be the difference between a playoff spot or a tee time at the golf course.

Yet, in the grand scheme of things, fans seem to panic when they come to the conclusion that their team needs a miracle.

I'll take the Ottawa Senators situation this season:  a team, two years removed from a Stanley Cup Finals appearance, as well as having the loss of Wade Redden on the blueline and a dynamic starting goaltender.

Sure they're going through a hard time and may not make the playoffs.  Yet, with the talent they possess, they can deal and get out of the hole they've dug themselves much faster than some teams could.  The trade bait that Jason Spezza or Dany Heatley could command puts the Senators in a prime position to improve if their superstars don't play to form.

If they do perform, perfect!  Ottawa is back in the picture and the fans have nothing to panic about and hopefully will not abandon ship.

As a Canadiens fan through the late 1990's and early 2000's, those were difficult days cheering for le bleu, blanc, et rogue.  When Martin Rucinsky was the top scorer with under 50 points, there were many games I wondered if I'd ever see them win the Stanley Cup ever again.

Yet, they've dug themselves out of that hole and now they're annual playoff contenders.

Sure, they're in a rough strip as of late.  Giving up two shorthanded goals in Calgary to another slumping Flames squad may not be the best way to snap that ugly streak.

Yet, being fifth in the Eastern Conference is nothing to panic about.

In the current situation of the Canadiens, the only time to panic is when they start losing games that will affect their position in the standings as well as their playoff chances.

Right now, the games may not matter as much as they will mid-to-late March, but better get the kinks out of the motor now than later.

So, to all you fans who seem to abandon ship prematurely or panic on a regular basis over a two- or three-game losing streak, please take a seat and take a deep breath.  

Everything will sort itself out in the end.

Even if it takes a five- to six-game losing streak to work itself out.

Matt Eichel is a Community Leader for the Montreal Canadiens here on Bleacher Report along with Miah D. and Daniel Arouchain.  Matt also co-hosts Habs All Out Radio, a in-depth talk radio show devoted to all things Montreal Canadiens.

It airs weekly at www.youcastr.com/shows/habs-all-out and is hosted by Matt and Miah.

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