Smackdown !?...Christian Cage returns in the land of extreme

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 10, 2009

After speculations about Christian returning to SmackDown and RAW, Cage finally debuted—in the land of extreme! Yup! Christian Cage has finally arrived!

WWE had punished us for being little babbling brats, but since we were good boys and girls, they hand delivered Cage for us.

In the least of likely places, Christian returned in tonight's ECW. I don't watch it so I was suprised when I heard that he was really there. My brother yelled at me telling me that Cage was on ECW. I didn't believe and when I saw, my jaw dropped to the ground. Holy Whopper! It was really him! Captain Charisma in the flesh!

I didn't get to watch the entire ECW. When I had tuned in, it was about ten minutes from being over. What I do know is that Finlay continued his feud with ECW champion Jack Swagger. Finlay and his son Hornswoggle, were sitting at the announce table with and comentating on the Swagger versus Christian main event. It was great to finally see him back where he belongs—in a WWE ring.

ECW has gotten me and WWE has gotten us once again. We waited for him to appear on SmackDown and then we are blown away when he shows up on ECW! I've got to give my hands up to WWE again. Christian was great in the ring, but WWE wasn't ready to give him a clean victory over ECW champion, Jack Swagger.

Finlay interfered in the match, which got Swagger distracted long enough for Christian to hit the Unprettier for the win.

Christian is back, so we all can rejoice now. WWE has taken a good step in the road to Wrestlemania. I'll follow up on this story with more details and the other good stuff. B/R, the Instant Classic is back!

This is great for ECW, considering it ould use some resurrection. If we can get the Hardys over there or something, maybe Kane or Big Show, who knows? Christian's goal is to get that ECW belt, and I believe it'll look great around his waist. What about the Hardy attacker? Maybe Matt did it all long—or did he?

WWE made a smart move and a wise choice. With Cage on ECW, the ratings will probably sky rocket and that'll handle the "TNA" problem since their ratings on Tuesday nights have edged out ECW. This seems very interesting and I'll like to see what becomes of this.

Alas, the Christian return hype can finally be laid to rest.