Hello Mr Rodgers, Welcome To The Neighborhood

Ivahn LachowskySenior Analyst IMarch 8, 2008

Oh man, this is going to be tough for Aaron Rodgers, we've only seen glimpses of him in the Lambeau neighborhood.

On assessing his talent, we know he has learned from one of the best, and if he starts to struggle, the fans will start chanting "Bring Favre Back." Rodgers does seem to have the organiztions confidence however, and has showed patience in his four-year wait.

Other notable quarterbacks who could see playing time this year are Brady Quinn, who was also a late round pick like Rodgers and Jamarcus Russell the No. 1 pick out of Raiderville in the 2007 draft.

We haven't seen much of Quinn, just a little bit of Russell, and one interception and a bit of a crutch for an ailing Favre when he needed it from Rodgers.

So perhaps Rodgers won't be the only quarterback feeling the heat, but you can guarrante the majority of the football eyes will be fixed on him.

I thought Favre was going to call it quits a few times when times were leaner, and not so greener so to watch him find what seemed to be the fountain of youth this past year,  and then say he was leaving was shocking but not all together surprising.

Everyone knew when Favre left those shoes were going to be mighty to fill, but I truly believe this is Aaron Rodgers' team now .He has good young receivers, who know the system, a great defense, a possibly great running back in Ryan Grant and an excellent coach in Mike Mcarthy.

And I'm sure old No. 4 won't be going anywhere soon.

Some of the most inspirational stories and great players have come from Lambeau field, and we know how die hard the fans can be. I have a friend who has been trying to get tickets for Lambeau field for 10 to 15 years to no avail.

I have a feeling that won't change anytime soon be it Favre or Rodgers at the helm.

So cheers to Brett Favre, and cheers to Aaron Rodgers, and cheers to the Lambeau gods and faithfull for providing a beautiful neighborhood to play in.