Shocking Christian Cage News!

David BowstonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

OK, so I was on the net, after going onto B/R I remembered ECW was on right now. So I thought to myself oh well may as well see what boring happenings are occurring in the Land of Extreme tonight. I got onto the WWE website and was greeted by a promo for No Way Out.

I watched about 10 seconds of it then looked at the other articles and I saw a picture of a familiar ECW start Jack Swagger. I asked myself "Who is that new guy beside him?" I look at the title and it reads "Christian has returned and will face ECW Champion Jack Swagger in a non-title match tonight on ECW on Sci-Fi.

My jaw completely drops and at first I cant help but wonder why WWE put a superstar whose return has been one of the most discussed events in 2009 so far, on their lowest rated show?

Surely he should be thrown into the mix with the likes of Edge, Jeff and Matt. I could have even pictured him being brought in by Shane O'Mac to help defeat Randy Orton at No Way Out.

But after having time to recover from my shock and think about it, I see what WWE were going for here. To show everyone that they are reading the Internet chatter and can still pull off a surprise.

In my opinion it hasn't worked. Obviously not a lot of people watch ECW and when they look up Christian on Google or even B/R reports or itself they will be in absolute shock and I predict that this is an attempt to get more people watching ECW and it will pay off for the first few weeks but it will fizzle out and he will end up a mid-carder at best.

Christian proved himself in WWE and has only progressed since then. Christian will be entered in the ECW title race already and after No Way Out will more than likely feud with Swagger.

In the actual match Christian looks awesome ( I'm watching as I write) and from blogs and forums I've been on a lot of people seem pissed with what ECW have done.

But from what I have seen he really could be one of the best in WWE easily in ECW. Christian pulled off some really unique moves that I haven't even see him do before never mind anyone else. I wont spoil it for those who haven't seen it yet but I do suggest you find the replay somewhere because it was a great match.

Now as you can probably tell my opinion has changed watching this match and I do think WWE made a good decision although I would like to see him go higher in the future.

Please WWE just don't do what you always do....mess up top quality superstars.