WWE No Way Out: 3 Ways Ricardo Rodriguez Could Be Victorious Against Santino

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJune 17, 2012

WWE No Way Out: 3 Ways Ricardo Rodriguez Could Be Victorious Against Santino

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    Conventional wisdom says that Santino Marella will defeat Ricardo Rodriguez in the Tuxedo Match at No Way Out.

    However, since we are expecting Santino to win, I think WWE will go in the other direction and have Ricardo pull off the victory. It is a way to swerve the fans in a way that they weren’t expecting.

    How will this happen? I have thought of three possible ways that this can happen and I will address them in the following slides.

Alberto Del Rio Can Help Him

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    This is the possibility that is the least creative of them all and probably the least likely to happen.

    Alberto Del Rio is out with a concussion right now and I cannot see him appearing on the show that he was removed from to assist his manager. He was removed from a main-event match and I can’t picture him coming back to engage in an undercard feud.

    Plus, if Del Rio were to get involved, it would set him up for a low-level feud with Santino. I don’t see this happening.

Ricardo May Pick Up a New Charge

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    There is no written law saying that Ricardo cannot manage more than one wrestler. He could pick up a new associate to help him beat Santino.

    Plus, the aftermath would put his new charge in an immediate feud for the United States Championship against Santino.

    Who would this be? My pick would be to go with someone underutilized like Drew McIntyre or Ezekiel Jackson.

Ricardo May Become a Serious Wrestler

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    Ricardo does have training and WWE could make the decision to just have him be a serious wrestler.

    All that would have to be done would be for Ricardo to actually get some offense on Santino.

    The one issue is that Ricardo does not have the typical WWE wrestler look. He is a bit doughy and out of shape and I just don’t know if WWE would go in that direction.


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    If I were to make the prediction, I would go with option No. 2. It just makes more sense to elevate another wrestler who is not being used and also set up a feud for Santino at the same time.

    No matter what happens in the match, expect a typical tuxedo match full of plunder and comedy. My bet is that Ricardo will be victorious.