Randy Orton-Shane McMahon: Third Generation Stars Collide This Sunday!

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

This Sunday at No Way Out we see two amazing third generation talents collide in a no holds barred match. Randy Orton, grandson of Bob Orton and son of WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton, Jr., takes on the grandson of WWE Hall of Famer Vincent McMahon and son of WWE chairman Vincent McMahon Jr.

This match will not be a wrestling clinic but it will be a wrestling milestone on the road to Wrestlemania. This has had a great build up, starting off at the last Raw before the Royal Rumble, in which we witnessed one of the greatest moments in the career of Randy Orton—the well-sold punt to Vince.

This was the moment that solidified Randy Orton as the No. 1 heel on the Raw brand, as we saw the doting daughter of Vince crying as her father was lying unconscious in the middle of the ring.

After winning the Royal Rumble, Orton came out to the crowd on the following night's Raw and proclaimed to have a "medical condition" which causes him to have bursts of anger. The WWE having known this, he threatened to sue them if they were to pull him out of the Wrestlemania main event.

So are the McMahons determined to prevent Orton from physically getting to the main event by putting him in matches with The Undertaker and finally Shane this Sunday?

The best outcome for this match in terms of entertainment for the fans would be for a surprising match ending or an amazing spot to happen. Maybe this could come in the form of The Undertaker or in the form of The Legacy getting involved in the match in some way.

Either way, I am looking forward to seeing what the WWE creative team has in store for the greatest modern day heel in this business.

I feel the Shane/Orton feud will cease to exist following No Way Out. When the dust settles after that Pay-Per-View, it will be full steam ahead for Orton to try and slither his way to the main event and the pinnacle of sports entertainment: Wrestlemania.