Big Show vs. John Cena: Predictions for Crucial Steel Cage Match

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJune 16, 2012

Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images
Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

No Way Out's card isn't something that jumps off the page, but there are some intriguing matches. One being the Steel Cage Match featuring Big Show and John Cena.

With John Laurinaitis' job on the line, here are some predictions for the crucial showdown. 


Match is average

From a pure wrestling standpoint, this match does nothing for me. Watching Big Show and Cena wrestle for 15 minutes would be an absolute waste of my time. 

However, when you add the stipulations, involve Vince McMahon and add a possibility of outside interference, it makes it somewhat exciting, right? 


This match won't be exciting until all of the outside factors are involved. Other than that, the match will be average at best. 



It doesn't matter how, who it is or when somebody interferes, but something will happen to Cena. It could be someone we haven't seen in a while, people involved in the situation or maybe something we can't even predict. 

Triple H? Brock Lesnar? 

Nevertheless, something will happen. If it is Lesnar, it would amp the excitement up to another level. It would make this pay-per-view and the main event worthwhile. 

Something exciting will happen...hopefully. 


Big Show wins

Laurinaitis' job as general manager is on the line once again. Despite his boring tone and his constant mess-ups on the microphone, people generally hate the guy.

Which makes him perfect for the job.

Laurinaitis isn't the problem of WWE these days, it's the lack of talent on the roster. They have yet to find dominant superstars to plug into the World Heavyweight Championship picture for years now. 

In the end, Big Show comes back and plays this role for a reason. He'll save Laurinaitis from losing his job.