Canastota Will Have to Wait: Margacheato Suspended for a Year

ChristianCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

Good Evening boxing fans and fellow sribes. I want to give some props to the boxing writers here on bleacher report. I find myself surfing to this site for my boxing fix as oppose to the more mainstream boxing sites. I come back to the fold friends to try and make sense of the historic and tragic events that unfolded in california today.

Today the California State Athletic Commission suspended Antonio Margarito from fighting in the United States of America for at least a year and most likely longer. Accompanying our knight in plaster armor will be his disgraced trainer Mr Capetillo who was the apparant mastermind in all this.

The "plaster like substance in question has yet to be identified with an ETA on that information guesstimated at about  early to mid March. The reason he was suspended on top of the Plaster was the inserts that actually had a blood stain on them. These inserts were a little softer then a rock according to the doctors assigned to the detail.

One of the women on the panel argued at length that these were used in the Cotto fight a notion quickly dismissed by her fellow panel members.The Vote was 7-0 nothing in favor of Tony gettin the boot and the margin of the vote is what is disturbing. I will raise and answer four quick questions that are looming in wake of this disaster of a story.

1. What was Tony's explanation and does it hold weight?

Tony took a page out of Barry Bonds book and stated he had no clue that his hands were literally hands of stone the night of the 24th. His claim was strongly dismissed by the panel and upon circulation will be dismissed by the boxing public. I hold his trainer responsible to some degree but Tony in my mind attempted to cheat his way to big money fights AND he was cavelier with a human life in the process.

Sorry Tony actually trying to sell the dog ate my homework excuse makes you even more of a disgrace to the sport then you were before the hearing

2. Does Tony face more action from parties involved in the fight?

Well the ball is officially in Shane's/Goldenboy's court. What Tony did crosses moral lines that I dont think we have fully realized here. He in so many words put concrete in his gloves and tryed to fight another man. He could have Killed Shane Mosley. He put another human life in danger, he put another man's ability to ever work again in danger.

These actions I have stipulated violate civil and criminal laws in all fifty states including Cali. Tony now is open for civil litigation from not just Shane but the Cotto's and Citrons of the world. He may be open to a civil action from HBO pending the language in the fight contract.

He may be facing criminal charges in cali due to the fact that the JUSTICE department is handling the test. You feel that Tony? Thats your seat getting hotter by the Second.

3. What's the ripple affect of the pending announcement?

Where do I begin? For starters who will Cotto fight in June? Fighting Miguel the day before the Puerto Rican parade is always and will be a MEGA promotion. I have heard Berto but it appears the yellow brick road has been laid for Mr Shane to get his coveted rematch. This also takes Mayweather's sights off of Shane and Back on the winner of  Hatton/Pac tilt in May.

Berto might be the biggest winner in all of this because thats one more veteran welterweight that he will not have to deal with and it moves him into position to actually get a multi million dollar purse. In terms of fandom I dont see this hurting anyone but Tony. Through out the hundred plus years of boxing history there is awful stories and names.

Aryon Prior drinking the "mix" that seemingly gave him the energy to overwhelm alexis down the strech of their classic, There is Jack Demp and his hands of stone fiasco against the then champion Jess Willard.

Boxing fans have a short memory when it comes to Scum bags like Tony. If anything a side affect of the sobering information given to us today is that one less cheater is in the game

4. Hall of fame for Tony?

NO way. The funny thing is that Shane Mosley will get into the hall of fame even though he took performance enhancing drugs before one of his marquee wins. What Tony did and the way he behaved in wake of it will lead most boxing writers to black ball him from ever taking a summer trip to upstate New York.

Tony was not as of yet a hall of famer but he close. He was mabye two or three marquee wins away. But the fact that he cheated boxing in an age of information and CSI technology his F@@up is broadcast on a far wider scale then any of the past crimes I outlined in the last stanza.

Because of that fact and the fact that it can be argued this was one of many times Mr tony will not sniff the hall of fame. He may fight again in the US. But when he does it will be to a chorus of boos. The adulation and honor that boxing placed upon him in the last five months seems like 50 years ago.

Larry Merchant called Tony a "truth Machine in the ring...can you stand with him? Can you take his punches?" Well Larry, your truth Machine in the ring is the dumbest man alive outside of it.

I am sad for boxing. I am sad for Mexican Boxing fans. I am sad for those that invested their hearts in Tony's career and building popularity. One person who is not sorry is Tony. In wake of the decision the word on the street is that he brushed it off and began plotting his next fight in Mexico. To me that is disgraceful. It is not acceptable.

He should call a press conference and address the allegations, the panels decision, and boxing fans who have endeared themselves to this Spineless jelly fish in the last year. I am glad he is gone and I am oh so happy to turn my attention to the honest pugilist that we know and love. Be well fans and have no fear...the cheater is gone.