No Way Out Analysis: The World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

Since 2002, when the match debuted on thousands of unsuspecting WWE fans, it has arguably been the most popular match in the WWE.

The Elimination Chamber brings a certain feeling that no other match had before.  A feeling of unpredictability and one of fear.  We fear as wrestling fans because we understand the risk these guys are making every time they step into the chamber.


Who will be the MVP of the match?

I think the most likely pick for this would be Chris Jericho.  He is the best wrestler in the match.  He has experience in the match, and he's that damn good.

But, I'll pick the underdog.  Kofi Kingston.  Kingston has the high-flying ability as good as anyone I've seen in the WWE.


Now, let's pick a winner.

Some things you need to understand:
A title change, however unlikely, is VERY possible.  
-Wrestlemania is about 50 days after No Way Out.  The WWE had built quality feuds in half that time.

Unpredictability factor
-although it may say the competitors are set in stone, they are not.

Remember the Scramble match?
Or how about when Kurt Angle took Nunzio's number in the Royal Rumble?

So let's use our brains.
Mike Knox, Kane, and Kofi Kingston are all ruled out of winning.

Unless the WWE wants the worst Wrestlemania, these guys can't win the world title.

Let's eliminate Rey Mysterio too.   No one will buy a PPV to see Rey Mysterio main event.

So that leaves us with A, John Cena, or B, Chirs Jericho.

Let's postpone the decision and look at the other matches that might play into this.


Unless HBK loses, there is no future to this feud.  What will Shawn do at 'Mania?

Orton vs McMahon
If Orton and Stephanie unite like I think they will, what does that mean for Orton?

Ultimately we'll see a Fatal-four way at Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena.

In order for this match to make since, Chris Jericho will have to be involved in some way.


My pick for WHC - Chris Jericho.