Say It Ain't So, Mike Piazza

Max ColtenCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

When Alex Rodriquez admitted to using performance enhancing drugs while with the Texas Rangers, a certain former Met comes to mind of whom as a Mets fan, we all hope is not on that list of 103 players who failed a drug test.

First, the catcher, No. 31, Mike Piazza. The All-time home run leader for catchers and perhaps the greatest hitter in Mets history (Willie Mays does not count because he was at the end of his career) may have taken performance enhancing drugs.

Now as a Mets fan and personally, a huge Piazza fanatic, I hope that he did not use them. However, when Piazza was drafted in 1988, we all have to remember he was drafted by Tommy Lasorda in the 62nd round as a “favor” to Piazza’s father.

Piazza was originally a first baseman and when told he would have no shot at making the majors as one because he couldn’t hit that well, he switched to catcher.

I want to state again that I truly hope that my favorite player did not use performance enhancing drugs but on the other hand, I truly didn’t think A-Rod used but once again, I was wrong.

As a rookie in 1992, Piazza hit just one home run in 21 games with the Dodgers, he then proceeded to hit over 30 home runs in nine of the next 10 seasons, including hitting 40 twice and hitting 38 another year.

The more important fact is that after 2003 (although dealing with several injuries) Piazza never again hit higher than 22 home runs.

That, along with a drastic drop in games played, RBI’s, and slugging all present the possibility that the great catcher may have stopped taking the drugs after '03.

Now it is possible and my hope that this large drop in numbers was as a result of overall body deterioration after 10 seasons of catching and his age, but it is extremely peculiar that the numbers drop off at the same time as this survey testing.  

Mike Piazza is without doubt one of the greatest hitters to ever put on a New York Mets uniform.

It is my hope and the hope of every young Mets fan, that he did not use performance enhancing drugs, however, with A-Rod’s admission and the statistical analysis, there is mounting evidence that Michael Joseph Piazza may have used performance enhancing drugs.