How Next-Gen Gaming Consoles Could Bring Players Closer to the Wrestling Ring

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJune 16, 2012

Photo from the leaked documents showing how Microsoft wants gaming to work.
Photo from the leaked documents showing how Microsoft wants gaming to work.

There is a lot of buzz in the tech world right now about the next generation of video game consoles and what capabilities they might have when it comes to games involving sports.

For many years, we have seen franchises like Madden, the NCAA and 2K series for different sports and boxing and wrestling games rank among the most popular titles in gaming.

Ever since Techmo Bowl, fans have been wanting more and more realistic experiences from our video games, and each year we get closer and closer to the real thing.

Better rendering and graphics software along with more powerful processors and ever-increasing Web capabilities have advanced the gaming world far beyond what the designers of Pong probably thought possible.

What would you say if the next step was making it seem as if you were actually playing in the game?

That concept has been the goal of game designers ever since most of them saw Tron and Flight of the Navigator as children.

That may be the direction we are moving in, and the recently leaked documents rumored to be highlighting some of the proposed features for the next XBox system seem to reinforce that fact.

The 56-page leaked document, which can be viewed in full here, shows many capabilities which revolve around three specific features: Kinect, SmartGlass and the new 3D glasses technology that Microsoft is looking to include in the package.

You can see by the image featured on the right that Microsoft is hoping to make the gaming experience more interactive by making the player feel as if they are really by the people on the screen.

This could mean big changes in how we play games. Think about how it would feel to be the QB as several large computer-generated NFL players are barreling down on you.

Imagine being able to feel like you are fighting Floyd Mayweather in the ring, Frank Mir in the Octagon or The Undertaker in a WWE ring.

We have already seen what motion-controlled gaming can be like with Wii, PS3 and XBox Kinect, but this is on a whole different level.

What is proposed in the leaked documents is a full 3D-gaming experience which would be made possible by a combination of specially designed glasses and a large enough floor space to do the required actions.

This would allow you to punch or kick someone who looked like they were actually in the room with you, or pass a basketball to someone who looks like they are right next to you.

SmartGlass will allow for all Windows-powered products to communicate more fluidly than they do with the assistance of cloud-based gaming and storage.

If this is what Microsoft has planned, then you can bet Nintendo and Sony will be right alongside them trying to do the same thing.

WWE in particular should be elated to find out about this because 3D gaming seems tailor-made for wrestling games.

This technology is still a little ways away from being made available to the public, but if these documents are real and an indication of the direction the world of gaming is heading in, then we are in store for some really interesting changes to the world of video games.

As none of this has been officially released info from Microsoft, we can't assume anything, but the logic behind it seems to follow the recent trends and advances in 3D and motion-controlled technology.

What do you think the next generation of video game consoles should be capable of?

All images taken from the document allegedly showing Microsoft's planned XBox 720.