Las Vegas Police Chief John Donahue Talks Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Video Inside

Vitali SCorrespondent IJune 15, 2012

LAS VEGAS - JUNE 1:  In this handout image provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Floyd Mayweather is seen in a police booking photo into the Clark County Detention on June 1, 2012. in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images)
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Recently, Floyd Mayweather’s lawyer and doctor had their say in how it seems the world boxing champion is being treated in jail. They claimed, based on no solid evidence, that Mayweather Jr. was being severely mistreated by not being allowed to properly exercise and by not being provided with proper dietary needs.

Last night, John Donahue of The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department posted a quick video where he explains the conditions that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being forced to live in, and how they are more than satisfactory and far from abusive.

According to Donahue, all inmates, including Floyd Mayweather Jr., are provided with a hefty nutritional load via numerous meals and snacks:

“The nutrition part: we're maintained by ACA standards, which we're accredited by. We're required to give him, a minimum, of 2,800 calories a day. He is getting that. He is choosing not to eat all his food. He's picking and choosing between cookies and some other snacks that he has available to him. He's not eating the food that's being given to him.”


It is hard to be surprised that Mayweather Jr. is acting like high level crybaby many people have to come to see him as. I understand that the food in jail is far from fine cuisine, but at the same time, I do remember Mayweather Jr. pointing out during one of the previous 24/7 episodes that he loves and consumes fast food.

If he is picking and choosing some of the foods, it only means that he is satisfied with the amount of food he is receiving, otherwise he would finish what is given to him.


“As far as the exercise, he has the ability to exercise in his cell, if he so chooses to. He can do pushups, sit-ups, inverted sit-ups, that are pushups, if you will, but he's choosing not to do that. He does get one hour of rec yard a day. He can go out and shoot basketball, if he wants to, or he can run around the rec yard. His claim is that he usually runs five miles a day. No inmate in the Clark County Detention Center can run five miles a day. It's not geographically possible within the confines of the facility,” continued Donahue.


I can see how for most people, the cell and the one hour a day barn run would be enough, but we are not talking about an average person here. As an athlete, a very dedicated athlete, this simply will not do.

I understand that this is jail and not a vacation resort, but I think that the staff should also understand his position. Instead of suggesting Floyd run around in the recreation room and do push-ups in his cell, it would be more appropriate for the deputy to simply acknowledge that there is an obvious lack in time and space, and unfortunately there is nothing to do about that.

Instead, he is making it sound like Floyd is being a pest and refusing to play along.


“With his status as a celebrity, if you will, he is considered a high-profile inmate. To ensure his safety and, really, the safety of the other inmates, we have to go ahead and lock him down. We have to keep him separated from the general population. If we put him in the general population, the inmates wouldn't stop.

"They'd actually be seeking him out, looking for money. Whether it was to hurt him or to obtain five minutes of fame by hurting the inmate, or whether it was him having to protect himself, we would be in a liable situation. We have to make sure he's locked down, he's protected,” explained Donahue.


That I can understand. Letting Floyd out into the general population is a tremendous liability, and would undoubtedly result in some kind of an accident. I can see how this is not an easy thing to handle, being by yourself in a tiny cell day after day, but it beats risking one’s well being. Knowing Floyd, I sincerely doubt he wants to be mixed in with the rest of the inmates.

Overall, it looks like he is doing well, and it was good of the deputy to release a videos giving the fans a little more insight on what was going on in there and whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. was being treated fairly.