2009 Promotional Schedule

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

Since it hasn’t been mentioned here yet, and since I’m the only RFB writer with his own bobblehead, I thought I’d list some of the highlights of the recently-announced 2009 Brewers promotions.

Sun., April 12: Easter Bunny Webkinz (first 10,000 kids 13 and under). Better shave for that one, guys.

Sun., May 3: Ryan Braun (fist pump from memorable “Wild Card Homer”) bobblehead. 

Sun., May 31: Trevor Hoffman bobblehead.

Sat., June 27: Cerveceros Day.

Sun., June 28: Jason Kendall bobblehead.

Sat., July 11: Adult cap night. I hope you like shoddy adjustable caps with gigantic Miller Lite logos.

Sat., July 25: Negro Leagues Tribute Day.

Sun., July 26: Brat bobblehead. Finally!

Sun., August 30: Jeff Suppan bobblehead. The Suppan bobble is garbage, but they play the Pirates - so all fans in attendance will get the prize of seeing Eric Hinske, and a Brewers win.

Sun., September 20: Doug Melvin bobblehead. YES!

Also, every weekend home series… a charitable donation of items like canned food (not beer), books, sporting equiptment and cold hard cash will get you pins of Brewer players. People rip on me for liking pins. I don’t care. I’ll scream it from the mountain tops… I kind of like the pins!!!  

To obtain your very own bobblehead like mine, or buy one for a loved one… hire the lovely Maggie over at Bobblicious.com to do it.