A-Rod Off The Throne, Now It's Albert Pujols' Time To Shine

cody grubbsContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

Well this week has been interesting in steroid news. Barry Bonds' trial took a positive step for him as the worst evidence against him was thrown out. Roger Clemens' defamation trial isn't going well for him, as it appears there are syringes with Clemens' DNA present.

And a player that goes by A-Rod has just been discovered to have taken steroids. There is one slight difference between A-Rod's testimony and Clemens' and Bonds'; Rodriguez confessed to it all.

Now we hear 103 other players that tested positive during the same drug testing period. The question on the people's minds is who? There are at least a few people you could instantly take off the list if they were tested such as Jason Giambi.

But that still doesn't help very much since we don't know if he was tested or was even on steroids at the time.

What I can tell you is if Rodriguez took steroids and it was such a shock, who's to say other superstars haven't been on "the clear".

A few stars in 2003, when the tests were conducted, were putting up monster stats, such as Derrek Lee, Carlos Delgado, Javy Lopez(the catcher), and Richie Sexson, all of whom are out of baseball or are not putting up numbers near that level in 2003.

Now that A-Rod has confessed to steroid use, who should we consider the king of hitting. The answer is very easy, none other than Prince Albert Pujols. Pujols has been the most dominating hitter in the past 50 years to play baseball.

He puts up the most consistent numbers year in and year out. The Prince truly is royalty because of his accomplishments.

Pujols owns a career .334 batting average (top in the ML) and 319 home runs, which is the second most home runs in a player's first eight seasons.

I hope King Pujols isn't like the the past two kings, only to be pushed aside because of personal selfishness to be the very best.