Rumors: Why Did Mayorga Reject a Valentines Day Fight Date with Alfredo Angulo?

Joe NixonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

Ricardo Mayorga won’t be smoking any victory cigars in the ring any time soon. The  bizarre behavior of this fighter from Nicarugua has hindered his ailing career yet again. 


This time the ex-champino of the welterweight and super-welterweight division has, at the last moment, pulled the rug out from under his scheduled twelve round fight with Alfredo Angulo at the Bank Atlantic Center in Florida.


The promoter of Angulo, Richard Shaw, spoke about Mayorga’s cancellation at a press conference following the Arce-Dachiniyan fight this past Saturday. Gary Shaw stated that he had heard a multitude of reasons the fight had been cancelled.


One rumor has it Mayorga was having trouble making the weight limit. Another rumor has it that Mayorga injured his ribs somehow. 


The most bizare rumor Shaw felt fit to repeat alleged that Mayorga tried to exhort Don King for additional money for this fight. Given Mayorga’s behavior and the fact that he is known to not take training camp seriously, any or all of these rumors cold be true.


 With this in mind, the intuition of sports fan is to assume that the ever bizarre Mayorga ducked Alfred Angulo. I find this unlikely. There are two compliments even I can give Mayorga: he always gives every fight one hundred percent (training however another matter is).


Secondly, no matter what you can criticize Mayorga for, he has never ducked anyone. In his last fight against the heavily favoured Sugar Shane Mosely, at times he made Sugar Shane look bad. Shane dug deep and scored a late round knockout.


Before that he defeated Fernando Vargas at 164 pounds and prior to that Mayorgas has fought a healthy crop of world class fighters. The list includes Oscar De La Hoya, Vernon Forrest (twice), Felix Trinidad, and a grudge-match type fight with  Cory Spinks.


If Mayorga, 35, wants to have a few more paydays he should focus on fighting competitive opponents like Alfredo Angulo. Perhaps Mayorga should move permanently to the middleweight division if he is having trouble making weight.


Mayorga is a name fighter and with a convincing win or two he could easily find himself in the mix for a shot at one of the “alphabet soup” boxing titles. That is if he can avoid the cigars, beers, bright hair dye, and the other temptations in his life.