CWFC 48 Middleweight Tournament Final on Hold After Injury to Victor Cheng

Michael Hatamoto@MhatamotoContributor IIIJune 15, 2012

Victor Cheng // Image courtesy of: Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors
Victor Cheng // Image courtesy of: Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship has had to rearrange its CWFC middleweight title tournament after contender Victor Cheng withdrew from an expected fight with Pavel Kusch next month.

Instead, beaten tournament seminfinalists Faycal Hucin and John Phillips will fight, with the winner eligible to jump into the tournament final if Cheng isn’t ready later in the year.

Cage Warriors CEO Graham Boylan said in a media release (from CWFC's official website):

“It’s disappointing for everyone to learn of Victor’s injury because he’s certainly earned this title shot with very impressive wins over Matt Gabel and Faycal Hucin.” 

The middleweight fight was scheduled for Cage Warriors 48 in London next month, but it has been postponed until CWFC Fight Night 7 in late August. Cheng will have to be medically cleared at the beginning of August to ensure he’s healthy enough to fight on Aug. 30 in Amman, Jordan. Said Boylan:

“I think we’ve given Victor enough time to recover from the injury in question, so hopefully everything will go well for him and his proposed fight with Pavel will go ahead as planned.”

Injuries seem to plague MMA promotions, ranging from small start ups all the way up to the UFC, with fighters training at an increased pace for too long. CWFC is the latest to have to deal with these issues, as the British-based promotion continues to expand its promotion throughout Europe.

It’s good to see CWFC also give the tournament style a try, as Bellator has seen great success by hosting tournaments to help determine champions and potential contenders.