Ryan SimonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

First of all, I would like to say I think Joe Burgett is a stand-up guy and it appears that his intentions are in the right place. Having been a part of B/R for less than a week, I have already became a part of the Assassins; a group headed by Burgett. I received the secret e-mail and became a member.

For those of who who aren't members of the Assassins, I'm sure you would like that one simple little question answered:

What are the contents of the "top-secret" e-mail?


Well it goes like this:


First of all, wrestling fans, what you are about to read is the truth, so brace yourselves.

I (Ryan Simon) am not a rat! When someone tells me a secret and I give my word, that is my bond. I will never reveal the contents of the Assassins Creed or any other subject involving "this faction thing." Almost had 'ya, huh?  Sorry to get your hopes up, wrestling fans. And Joe, I didn't mean to make you all nervous and stuff, buddy.

But actually, I did. I wanted to show just how much heat this whole faction thing is pulling here on B/R. I haven't been asked yet to participate in this tournament and that is a good thing. I haven't been on B/R for longer than a week so I don't expect to be asked.

Besides, I don't really get it all the way anyway. I know there is the Assassins (heels) and the Beast (faces) and then there is an abundance of writers who choose to keep their dignity and not align themselves with a faction. I respect these writers for their decisions.

I have a lot of respect for Joe Burgetts. He has garnered the top spot here on B/R. How he acquired that spot (good or bad) is of his own doing. It seems that a lot of people knock him for that but the reality is that whatever he has done, right or wrong, he is #1 on the list in the wrestling section.

Statistics speak for themselves.

His ideas are good and I believe that in his heart, his intentions are good. It's all about respect, not just here on B/R but in life. If you can't give respect, you can't receive it. Respect has to be earned.

So, with no hard feelings to any of the parties involved, I would like to announce that as of right now ,I am no longer associated with a faction, with all due respect to Joe and his Assassins.

I feel that as a wrestling journalist I do not want to subject myself to the prejudices that occur here on B/R.  I don't want my articles delegated to one specific group. I want everyone to read my articles and share their opinions on the subjects at hand.

I don't want wrestling fans to not read my articles because I am associated with a group they don't like. I'll be damned if I put everything into an article and someone quits reading midway through because they see "This is an Assassin article"  at the bottom of the page. That is a form of prejudice that I will no longer subject myself to.

As always, this is about you, the wrestling fans. It is not about whether you're an Assassin, part of the Beast or if you are a "Lone Wolf" like myself. This is a very touchy subject here on B/R and I hope to get your feedback on what you think of this whole "faction thing." 

Please hit up the polls and vote and let your voice be heard on the feedback section. This is "our storyline" here on B/R and it's a good one. Please let your voice be heard because it's all about you, wrestling fans, and your opinions.

That's all for now, but there's more where that came from.


This has been a Ryan Simon article.