'A to Z' of the Toughest Places to Play in Sports

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'A to Z' of the Toughest Places to Play in Sports
Photo: Lance King

"There's no place like home."

Admit it, we all kind of hated sleepovers when we were growing up anyway.  There was something special about being on your home turf, on familiar grounds.  Your own house was always so much more comfortable than being away.

There's so many elements that play into climbing Everest to earn that sought-after victory.  Some that a team can prepare for—diligent practicing, sharp-eyed coaching, well-researched player signings, and thoroughly scouting opponents can all aid in reaching sporting immortality. 

Problem is, it's not that simple.

For everything you can ready yourself for, there's always those unforeseen factors—sudden injuries, bad referee/umpire calls, turned momentum or just simple sour luck can send a great team to hit the golf course in the offseason earlier than expected.

With so many elements out of a team's control, every attempt to secure even the slightest of advantages is taken.  For many teams, custom-tailored million-dollar homes, specifically designed to give an upper hand, is just what the doctor ordered. 

Exuberant crowds, jackhammer-on-a-city-street worthy noise levels, harsh weather conditions, and a unique geographical setting can work as a positive advantage for one team, and spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for their unfortunate visiting opponent. 

I now present a humorously closer look at some of the sporting world's most notorious and tough venues to perform...in A to Z form.

There's no place like home?  You can bet Dorothy never had these places in mind.

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