'A to Z' of the Toughest Places to Play in Sports

Andrew Blumetti@@99redblumesCorrespondent IJune 15, 2012

'A to Z' of the Toughest Places to Play in Sports

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    "There's no place like home."

    Admit it, we all kind of hated sleepovers when we were growing up anyway.  There was something special about being on your home turf, on familiar grounds.  Your own house was always so much more comfortable than being away.

    There's so many elements that play into climbing Everest to earn that sought-after victory.  Some that a team can prepare for—diligent practicing, sharp-eyed coaching, well-researched player signings, and thoroughly scouting opponents can all aid in reaching sporting immortality. 

    Problem is, it's not that simple.

    For everything you can ready yourself for, there's always those unforeseen factors—sudden injuries, bad referee/umpire calls, turned momentum or just simple sour luck can send a great team to hit the golf course in the offseason earlier than expected.

    With so many elements out of a team's control, every attempt to secure even the slightest of advantages is taken.  For many teams, custom-tailored million-dollar homes, specifically designed to give an upper hand, is just what the doctor ordered. 

    Exuberant crowds, jackhammer-on-a-city-street worthy noise levels, harsh weather conditions, and a unique geographical setting can work as a positive advantage for one team, and spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E for their unfortunate visiting opponent. 

    I now present a humorously closer look at some of the sporting world's most notorious and tough venues to perform...in A to Z form.

    There's no place like home?  You can bet Dorothy never had these places in mind.

Air Ball: Sports Authority Field at Mile High

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    Tenant:  Denver Broncos

    Location:  Denver, Colorado

    Capacity:  76,125


    Intimidating because:  If you can't breathe, there aren't many touchdowns to follow.  The thin air at Denver's mile-high location is notoriously difficult for visiting teams to play in at full steam. 

    But...if pudgy Eric Cartman can breathe okay in Colorado, professional athletes really have no excuse. 

Big Apple Bravado: Yankee Stadium

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    "I still get goose pimples walking inside it. Now I think it is about the prettiest ball park I ever saw."  - Mickey Mantle (on the old Yankee Stadium)

    Tenant:  New York Yankees

    Location:  The Bronx, New York

    Capacity:  50,291


    Intimidating because:  Everything in New York is high-profile and intense.  If you're an opposing team, the hardened Bronx crowd is going to welcome you in their own special way.  If you're a under-performing member of the Yankees squad, they'll let you know even louder. 

    But...there's a good chance Yankees radio voice John Sterling will botch a call, so you may just end up backing into a victory by accident.  

Crammed College Capacity: Ohio Stadium

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    Tenant:  THE Ohio State University Buckeyes

    Location:  Columbus, Ohio

    Capacity:  102,329 


    Intimidating because:  When a nervous college kid has a boisterous sea of over 100,000 diehard red-shirts cheering against them, already shaky nerves can become fried, faster than a carnival corndog.

    But...one of those opposing fans is this guy.  Still scared? 

Deafening: La Bombonera

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    Tenant:  Boca Juniors

    Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Capacity:  49,000


    Intimidating because:  A spectacle that can only be experienced first-hand.  The atmosphere inside this building has been referred to as a "pressure cooker." 

    Passionate soccer fans cheer at the top of their lungs and set off blue and gold fireworks to the soundtrack of blaring trumpets and rhythmic war-beat drums.  Not a walk in the park by any means. 

    But...ahh, child's play!  We all know this blue-and-gold fan is really the one to fear. 

Ear Shattering: Arrowhead Stadium

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    Tenant:  Kansas City Chiefs

    Location:  Kansas City, Missouri

    Capacity:  79,451


    Intimidating because:  Old, classic stadium packed to the gills with ravenous pigskin fans cranking the decibel level to jet-liner proportions.  The ultimate in home-field advantage.

    But...there's a smell of delicious tailgate barbecue wafting in the air.  Even if you lose, you win. 

Frozen Fighters: Bell Centre

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    Tenant:  Montreal Canadiens

    Location:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Capacity:  21,273 


    Intimidating because:  Notice how you can't see the fans in the top section?  Those 24 Stanley Cup Championship banners are blocking them. 

    But...the last time the Habs hoisted up the Cup, the Spin Doctors were one of the most popular bands on the radio, Joey Buttafuoco was a household name and Steve Urkel was still relevant.  Yes, that long ago. 

Garden of Beatin': Eden Gardens

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    Tenant:  Bengal Cricket Team/Kolkata Knight Riders

    Location:  Kolkata, India

    Capacity:  62,000


    Intimidating because:  The '60s and '70s brought rioting to the venue, and in 1980, 16 football spectators died in a stampede.  This old stadium's history is thick with crowd disturbance and tragedy.

    But...look how effective the cricket bat was for self-defense in Shaun of the Dead.  You'll be peachy. 

Home Advantage: Estadio Centenario

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    Tenant:  Uruguayan National Football Team

    Location:  Montevideo, Uruguay

    Capacity:  65,235


    Intimidating because:  The Uruguayan National Team is a force to be reckoned with when playing at home.  They've even held powerhouse Brazil to only three victories in 20 games inside the walls of the building.

    But...Rod Stewart once played a concert there.  Can you really justify losing on the same grounds that "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" was sung on? 

Intimidating: Ali Sami Yen Stadium

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    "Nobody can make me believe that there are only 25,000 people in this stadium."  - Paolo Maldini, from UEFA.com

    Tenant:  Galatasaray SK

    Location:  Istanbul, Turkey

    Capacity:  23,477


    Intimidating because:  Psychological pressure applied from rabid fans include torches, smoke, drums, flags and banners to intimidate opponents.  No wonder the stadium was ominously nicknamed "Hell."

    But...Ali Sami Yen Stadium is sadly no more.  A newly constructed stadium, Türk Telekom Arena, with double the capacity, is now home to Galatasaray SK's games and all of your horrific soccer-crowd dreams. 

Judd Power: Rupp Arena

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    Tenant:  University of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball

    Location:  Lexington, Kentucky

    Capacity:  23,500


    Intimidating because:  UK's successful history, lineage of great players and coaches and screaming student body all packed into the largest basketball arena in the nation all account for many sleepless nights for visiting teams.

    But...talented freshmen only stay for one season before leaving Calipari-ville and going pro.  You can just get 'em next year.

Kick It!: Estadio Azteca

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    Tenant:  Mexico National Football Team/Club América

    Location:  Mexico City, Mexico

    Capacity:  105,064


    Intimidating because:  Fifth largest stadium in the world..most popular sport in the world...do the math.

    But...look at the size of that inflatable soccer ball in the photo—piece of cake to score!

Leading Links: Augusta National Golf Club

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    Tenant:  Privately owned, host of The Masters Tournament

    Location:  Augusta, Georgia

    Capacity:  35,000/day (est.)


    Intimidating because:  One of sports' most prestigious venues, extreme level of decorum, golf's most high-pressured stage.  There may be tougher courses out there, but none that provide the pressure Augusta does. 

    But...Rickie Fowler and his Tropical Skittles wardrobe will draw all attention away from you, leaving time to relax and nail those fairways.   

Massiveness in MI: Michigan Stadium

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    Tenant:  University of Michigan Wolverines Football

    Location:  Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Capacity:  107,501


    Intimidating because:  There's a good chance Eminem is one of those nearly 108,000 noisy fans inside the "Big House."  If you defeat them, he may just write a diss song about you.

    But...lemonade out of lemons—the more they score on you, the more you get to hear that awesome fight song. 

Noise! Noise! Noise! Tiger Stadium

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    "Baton Rouge happens to be the worst place in the world for a visiting team. It's like being inside a drum." - Bear Bryant

    Tenant:  Louisiana State University Tigers Football

    Location:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    Capacity:  92,542


    Intimidating because:  One of college football's perennial powerhouses, a stadium of bright colors, ear-piercing cheers and a defense who could beat the St. Louis Rams on their own.  Visiting teams might be better off fighting a real tiger instead. 

    But...you shouldn't take it personally.  The fans are really nice, they're just crabby because of heartburn from stubborn Cajun food. 

Over-the-Top Sound: CenturyLink Field

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    Tenant:  Seattle Seahawks

    Location:  Seattle, Washington

    Capacity:  67,000


    Intimidating because:  Perfectly-placed seats aim the crowd noise to make a false-start marathon eight Sundays every fall.  Add alleged piped-in sound on top of rows of disgruntled Mariners fans who need to take out their frustration on someone, and that will wreak havoc on a visiting team.

    But...with these bright new Seahawks uniforms, opponents will spend too much time pointing and laughing to worry about volume. 

Phearing Philly: Lincoln Financial Field

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    Tenant:  Philadelphia Eagles

    Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Capacity:  69,144


    Intimidating because:  Well, it may always sunny in Philadelphia, but there's a perpetual storm brewin' in the crowd. 

    The "Linc" featured a jail for rowdy fans in its initial years, an idea carried over from the notorious days at Veterans Stadium. 

    But...if Michael Vick plays like he did in 2011, the fans will turn on him instead.  Kick back, grab a cheesesteak and get out of the way of Philly fans. 

Quite the Eyesore: Tropicana Field

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    Tenant:  Tampa Bay Rays

    Location:  St. Petersburg, Florida

    Capacity:  40,473


    Intimidating because:  Try playing in a drab domed stadium on a field that looks like it was made of the leftover velour fabric from the costume designers of "That 70's Show," and tell me it's easy to keep your concentration. 

    But...this season, it's Luke Scott's Wolverine-esque mutton chops that are the distraction instead of the Trop's shabby field. 

Rousing Ruckus: EnergySolutions Arena

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    Tenant:  Utah Jazz

    Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah

    Capacity:  19,911


    Intimidating because:  While jazz music may be low-key, it's a different tune for Utah Jazz fans, notoriously some of the rowdiest fans in the NBA. 

    But...Legally Blonde 2 was filmed there...not even the first one.  No excuses for losing here, fellas.  

Swampy: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

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    Tenant:  University of Florida Gators Football

    Location:  Gainesville, Florida

    Capacity:  88,548


    Intimidating because:  Chomp!  "The Swamp" features loud crowds, uncomfortably humid weather, loyal attendance, a building built on a sinkhole and stands built that place intense Gator fans screaming right on top of visiting players.  You thought Florida was just oranges and old folks, didn't you?

    But...hold back the tears, Tebow's gone. 

Temperature and Tom Brady Factor: Gillette Stadium

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    Tenant:  New England Patriots

    Location:  Foxborough, Massachusetts

    Capacity:  68,756


    Intimidating because:  Simply, the Pats don't lose much, especially in cold and difficult conditions.  As long as Gisele's husband and "Mr. Gray Sweatshirt" are together, the only person who'll want to see "Gillette" less is bearded Brian Wilson. 

    But...if Rob Gronkowski continues his ridiculous "go everywhere shirtless" campaign into the cooler months, he may just catch cold and sit out a game.  Strike while the iron's hot. 

Up Close and Personal: Cameron Indoor Stadium

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    Tenant:  Duke University Blue Devils Basketball

    Location:  Durham, North Carolina

    Capacity:  9,314 


    Intimidating because:  See that photo that looks right out of a zombie film?  The mere 9,300 "Cameron Crazies" more than make up for their size, creating a a loud, energetic and electrifying atmosphere on the Duke University Campus.

    But...Coach K, the epitome of class, will keep these devils on their best behavior. 

Vocal Fans: Fenway Park

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    “When we lose Fenway, we lose the sense that somebody sat here and watched Ted Williams hit.”  - Bob Costas, from Boston.com

    Tenant:  Boston Red Sox

    Location:  Boston, Massachusetts

    Capacity:  37,400


    Intimidating because:  A century-old ballpark, accents right out of Good Will Hunting and a diehard city who use the word "Sawx" like it's their job.  

    But...don't worry too much, Dennis Drinkwater and Jeremy Kapstein have all the good seats anyway. Plus, when the eighth inning rolls around and we all start singing "Sweet Caroline," arms around one another, we're all good buddies.

Windy City Warriors: Soldier Field

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    Tenant:  Chicago Bears

    Location:  Chicago, Illinois

    Capacity:  61,500


    Intimating because:  Cold, brutal, smash-mouth NFC North football in a stadium of relatively small capacity and excessive crowd noise.  Hope your games in Soldier Field are scheduled for September—it only gets tougher as nasty Mother Nature brings on the Chicago chill. 

    But...these guys won't be there.  Bummer. 

X-Tra Hot: Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

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    Tenant:  Texas Rangers

    Location:  Arlington, Texas

    Capacity:  49,115


    Intimidating because:  Well, first off you're facing the ferocious Texas Rangers bats.  Unless they give Hamilton, Napoli, Kinsler, Beltre, Andrus, Young and Cruz all the night off, you're in hot water. 

    More importantly, Texas summer temperatures can skyrocket close to a brutally uncomfortable 110 degrees, causing a nightmare for all players, both home and away.

    But...Nolan Ryan doesn't want to hear your whining.  Big baby. 

You Can't Hear Anything!: Neyland Stadium

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    Tenant:  University of Tennessee Volunteers Football

    Location:  Knoxville, Tennessee

    Capacity:  102,455


    Intimidating because:   While your taste buds will love the tailgating, your ear drums won't love the game's noise level.  The cherry on top?  The Vols have never lost more than four games in a row at Neyland.

    But...there's an added bonus of playing a human game of checkers on the end zone.  Well, if you score, of course. 

Zero Temperature: Lambeau Field

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    Tenant:  Green Bay Packers

    Location:  Green Bay, Wisconsin

    Capacity:  72,928


    Intimidating because:  While Lambeau Field is one of sports' most historic and heralded venues, the name "The Frozen Tundra" doesn't sound so comfortable for opposing players or fans stuck to their icy seats. 

    As the season progresses, the blowing snow kicks in, the mercury drops like Justin Bieber's puberty-stricken voice and the cheese freeze becomes a force to be reckoned with.

    But...wow, it's June, and that looks freezing.