Pittsburgh Steelers Can Only Lay Claim to Two Super Bowl Titles

James ColtCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

About nine days ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers became the NFL's greatest franchise by claiming their record sixth Super Bowl title. They had been previously tied with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49er's who each have five.

The admission by former Steelers' players from the teams in the '70s that they used steroids is not new news. Those teams, by the way, won four of the Steelers' six titles.

With all the steroid mania going on in baseball and talk of striking records out of the annals of history, I got to thinking that shouldn't we be holding all sports to the same standard? So, shouldn't we take away those first four Super Bowl wins by the Steelers like we want to take away Barry Bonds' home run record?

Shawne Merriman can go test positive for steroids, then, become defensive player of the year, and be voted into a Pro-Bowl but never have to go sit up on Capitol Hill and atone for his lack of judgment.

The same could be said of Rodney Harrison, Bill Romanowski, Terry Bradshaw, and many others in the NFL.

NFL players seem to get a free pass from the fans and the media and perhaps they get it from the fans BECAUSE the media never makes an issue of steroids in the NFL.

However, steroids in the NFL should be a great cause for concern. It is a league where people suffer spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and are facing death every time someone gets bigger, stronger, and faster which allows that player to unload with a greater force on opposing players.

The steroid controversy should be about safety for players and not about the records that they are breaking by using them. Steroids aren't illegal because they make you more prone to hitting home runs.

Steroids are illegal because of the damage that they do to your heart, your emotional state, and your body overall. The fact that steroids are dangerous to a person's body and cause death like other illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine is why steroids are illegal.

So, can we stop thinking about records that are being broken and please start thinking about the lives that are in danger by the use of steroids. 

It's not just the lives of those that are taking them that are in jeopardy. Football players, who seem to skate by with just a slap on the wrist for using, influence young players to use steroids. 

The lives of the opposing players are in jeopardy because of the elevated ability of the person that is using the steroid and not just in football. In baseball, being able to hit a ball harder actually puts the pitcher's life in danger or even a base coach.

Until the media really starts focusing on steroids in all sports and the actual danger of using them and not just the records that are broken, the problem will never be eradicated.

It's time to eliminate the double standard of steroids in sports and start holding EVERYONE fully accountable for their actions.