The Great Debate: LeBron James vs. Kobe Bryant

Adam McKayContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

It's the only debate worth having in sports. LeBron or Kobe: Who's the best? I'm in New York City working on a Broadway show with Ferrell and in two nights last week, Kobe and LeBron both visited the Garden. Kobe put up 61 points, an MSG record, in a Lakers win. Two nights later, LeBron answered with 52 and a (near) triple-double in a Cavaliers win.

The debate is now boiling.  I myself lean towards LeBron. But just as I write that, I remember Kobe has three rings and immediately it gets hazy. LeBron can pass like Magic and Bird and rebounds like Malone. But Kobe scores like MJ and hits clutch shots like Jerry West. Told you, it's hard.

But as good as this argument is, there are other juicy sports arguments out there that should not be over-looked. I thought it would be worth revisiting these lest we get caught up in the LeBron vs. Kobe argument for too long.


1. Who represents the moral failings of baseball more: Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds?

This is a really tough one. I suspect the difference may be up to the type of roids they were each alleged to have used. Clearly Bonds' made him meaner and more aloof. Clemens' juice made him more of an angry bull, whipping bats at Piazza and throwing at hitters. I give the edge to Bonds.


2. Best snack to have at a baseball game: hot dog or peanuts?

Hot dogs are fantastic but they go down fast and are made from pig balls. Peanuts can get you through five innings and aren't made from pig balls. Edge to peanuts.


3. Is wearing a baseball glove to a game a sign of serious mental deficiencies?

This is a simple one. If you're more than 13 years old, yes. The only exemption might be if it's your first game ever. Or if a record home run ball could be coming your way.


4. Best pound-for-pound fighter: Pacman or Joe Calzaghe?

After what Manny did to De La Hoya, I think the title is his. But Calzaghie has never lost. Always a fun argument to have. Yourklis Gamboa has a shot to be one of the best ever if he can keep his hands up.


5. Hardest position in all of sports to play?

This is a fun one. Quarterback, point guard, starting pitcher, shortstop, etc.  I'll also throw cornerback into the mix. Cornerbacks are bad asses. If they miss, it's on the cover of SI. Also any position in hockey because THEY ARE ON ICE SKATES THE WHOLE GAME!   I feel like announcers should yell that every two minutes while announcing hockey games. "Pass to center ice, Stazney with the shot, keep in mind THEY ARE ON ICE SKATES..."

Those are just a few juicy arguments. Add your own. What's the best sports argument going?