Philadelphia 76ers: Do the Sixers Need a True Superstar to Win a Title?

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Philadelphia 76ers: Do the Sixers Need a True Superstar to Win a Title?
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The Philadelphia 76ers are a competitive team; however, they still need to get over the hump to become a legit contender for a title.

Philadelphia defeated the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs and nearly defeated the Boston Celtics in a close seven-game series.

We know the Sixers have a lot of young talent in Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young. Despite that, they still are not there yet. The Sixers still lack the spark to bring them over the top.

They always find themselves short of that guy to bring home the game in the fourth quarter or the guy to shoot lights out all game and carry the team.

The answer to this problem? Well, that's an easy one: A superstar.

Now, of course, anyone can say that about any middle-of-the-road team. The real question that comes with it is how they get this superstar.

Trade? Through the draft? Do they already have it?

All of these are valid questions for Sixers fans and the front office.

Let's start off at looking at what they have. First off, you know what you have in Andre Iguodala, and it is not a superstar.

Aside from Iguodala, the closest player they have to a superstar is potentially Turner. Personally, I think he's the real deal.

Should the Sixers be looking to move up in the draft?

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However, I don't know if he can lead a team to a championship. Thus, the Sixers need more and still need to search for a superstar.

Now, it doesn't seem likely that the Sixers will trade for a superstar mainly because there aren't many on the market and the Sixers have not been actively looking to make a first move. Therefore, Philly's best chance to acquire a potential star is through the draft.

With the 15th pick, however, this doesn't seem likely this year.

In order to find a superstar in the draft, they need to move up.

The fact that they should be finding a superstar in the draft should just scream that the team is built for the future.

They have nine players 25 years old or younger. They've tried winning with what they have now. A quick fix of signing a free agent will just keep them in the same stage of mediocrity.

Therefore, they must trade Iguodala and their 15th pick for a higher pick.

With a core of Holiday, Turner, Young and a new top draft prospect with a high ceiling, the team has the potential to go far for a long time.

Do the Sixers need a superstar to bring them over the top? That's a definite yes.

The way they do it? Well, we don't really know what the front office has in store, but there is no doubt that they need a plan to find one.

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