WWE 2012 No Way Out: Why Cody Rhodes and Christian Will Steal the Show

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJune 14, 2012


As entertaining a match as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane figures to be, it may take a back seat to the Christian vs. Cody Rhodes match that deserves more attention than it is getting.

For the first time in a long time, the Intercontinental Championship would appear to be gaining some respect among the creative team in the WWE. The fans want to see what used to be the second most important strap in the company become a stepping stone to a world title belt. 

Maybe now is the time for that to happen. 

Christian is the consummate showman, the one who is there to pick up the dropped ball and the one to deliver an outstanding match when the WWE is desperate need of something positive (which has happened a lot, lately).

Rhodes, the former champion, was the longest-tenured Intercontinental Champion of all time, eclipsing the mark of The Honky Tonk Man. While he has never been given the push to challenge for the World Title, the rising star is part of the future of this business, and he is rising up the ladder of super-stardom.

What better way to highlight the importance of this match than to the veteran sell for the rising star, and vice versa?

Too much focus has been placed on other matches, like the WWE Title and the John Cena vs. Big Show match. We tend to forget that when fans have the chance to see two great performers like Christian and Rhodes get in the ring, there is magic from the moment the bell rings.

That is what I am hoping for Sunday night.

I am all for the CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan side of their match. I have been waiting for this rivalry for some time. But by adding Kane to the mix and the sure-to-be interference of A.J. Lee, you have a match that has lost steam. Fans cannot get excited about what was supposed to be the two best technical guys in the company continuing their rivalry.

You can also thank injuries and suspensions for that, because Kane did not have a dance partner for the PPV.

Rhodes needs another push, and the sudden rise of Christian after coming back from injury is a perfect arc for that. For everything that Christian is to this business, he knows how important it is to have younger talent rise and lead rather have them sit and simmer with the possibility of no further development.

And the two evenly-matched wrestlers will be a highlight reel waiting to happen.

Like I have said before, it won’t be Savage vs. Steamboat or HBK vs. Jericho, but it will be its own brand of success.

The WWE has had issues recently with putting together better feuds because of a lack of roster talent. When that happened, the creative and management sides have scrambled to find the right combination of success. Maybe they found it this time. And to be honest, if it were not for the lack of main event talent right now because of these injuries and suspensions, we may never have seen this put together.

Sometimes, addition by subtraction in this business will ultimately lead to success for wrestlers. It’s a good thing these two wrestlers won’t have a problem delivering when they need to the most.