UFC on FX 4: Chris Camozzi Talks Tito Ortiz, Dirty Jobs, and More

G DAnalyst IIIJune 14, 2012


A Chinese proverb once said, "fall down seven times, get up eight."

This is exactly what Chris Camozzi was thinking after being released from the UFC following his loss to Kyle Noke in February of 2011. Camozzi withheld the hardship of being released and continue to battle.

After just one fight and win outside of the world's greatest promotion, Camozzi received a warm welcome back to the UFC.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Camozzi spoke of his return to the UFC and more.


Garrett Derr: Chris, I know you spent some time playing Rugby in your early days. Why did you choose to give up that sport to pursue a career in mixed martial arts?

Chris Camozzi: I played rugby all throughout high school and a little bit into college as well. Our college team wasn't very good and I wasn't liking school much at all. So, I thought it would be best if I decided to drop out and head home.

There are a few club programs that are very good in Colorado, but I just really needed a change of scenery. I decided to go to a local gym and try Muay Thai and BJJ. I got hooked after that.

GD: Before making it to the premier stage of MMA you had a variety of jobs that you hated. What was the worst job that you had and why did you hate it so much?

CC: I would say the worst job I had was working at Quiznos when I was 16-years-old. I'm not meant for customer service jobs or making food. It got pretty irritating listening to people's complaints for a low-paying job, so I was out of there pretty quick.

GD: You were 2-1 in your first go-around with the UFC before you were released. You were later called back and now you're once again fighting in the UFC. What did it mean to have the opportunity to return to the greatest promotion in the world?

CC: It really meant everything to me to have the chance to come back. I was going through some rough times when I got the call to come back and it really helped me bounce back from what I was going through at the time. I'm grateful for the opportunity and ready to become a household name in the UFC.

GD: Coming up through, you were a part of Team Ortiz on the Ultimate Fighter. Do you still have a good relationship with Tito? What's the biggest thing you've learned from him?

CC: Tito was a great coach on the Ultimate Fighter and I talked with him a little bit afterwards as well. But, I don't really keep in contact with him now. I'm always rooting for him because he's a great fighter, and I wish him the best.

The most important thing that I learned from Tito was cage wrestling techniques. I can't get into too much detail yet, because I still use it all in my every day planning. It will probably come in handy for my next fight against Nick (Catone).

GD: Tito will make his farewell in a bout against Forrest Griffin at UFC 148. Do you think he comes out on top in his last fight? Why or why not?

CC: Forrest is a tough fight for Tito, but it's definitely winnable. I'm not sure who I would bet on, but I think it's going to be a fun fight to watch.

GD: You're now set to take on Nick Catone at UFC on FX 4. What holes in his game do you believe you'll be able to open up when the opening bell rings?

CC: I think every area. Nick is a great challenge for me, but I'm looking to push my way to the top and he is just the next guy in front of me. I'm excited to test my wrestling game against him.

I'm looking for a finish as fast as possible. In my last fight, I won by submission in the third round. I'm hoping to beat that time this time around.

GD: When you're not fighting or training for a fight, what are some of the things you enjoy doing?

CC: I'm pretty easy going. I love to hang out with friends and family. My fiance and I also love to travel and check out new places.

GD: Who would you like to thank?

CC: I would like to thank all my sponsors which include MMA Elite, RevGear, Jamey Jasta, Tool King and Besties with Testes, a non profit testicular cancer awareness foundation. I would also like to thank my fans, my management team in Ingrained Media and my team at Factory X in Englewood, Co.


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