Why I'm Giving Alex Rodriguez a Standing Ovation on Opening Day

Kevin StewartContributor IFebruary 10, 2009

This afternoon, as I was soaking in the words from Alex Rodriguez's confession on ESPN with Peter Gammons, I made a firm decision as how I would accept him come Opening Day: I'm going to stand and cheer.


For this simple reason: I'm a Yankee fan and they sorely need his bat this season.

Yes, there is going to be a gigantic impact with the free agents the Yankees signed this season with CC Sabatha, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeira. However, they will still desperately need the production that Rodriguez brings them.

There is going to be a contingent of "Yankee fans" who say they are going to boo Rodriguez throughout the season. These people are you're bandwagon Yankee fans.  Are you really going to root against a player on a team that you want to see win a world championship?  Give me a break.

Any "Yankee fan" that tells you they want to see a player on the team fail, is not a true fan of the team (I'm putting "Yankee fan" in quotations because I realize there are a bunch of idiot "Yankee fans" and I don't want to be classified in this group of bandwagoners).

No, I don't agree with what Rodriguez did in Texas.  But it's done and over with.  He came out and admitted he made a mistake. Alex Rodriguez was going to get heckled on the road in 2009 if this report came to light or not. It's what fans do to good players and it comes with the territory.

What are fans going to say now? They're going to shout things about Madonna and steroids as opposed to things solely about Madonna. Big whoop.

I hope Rodriguez hits 60 home runs this season. I hope he's an integral pat of the Yankees making a run to their 27th World Series title. I hope he wins the World Series MVP. Just to throw it back in everyone's face to tell the world he IS that good and he WAS young and naive.

I've watched Rodriguez's ESPN interview with Gammons several times today. He seems genuinely remorseful for using banned substances to enhance his performance. I was also very glad to see him come out so quickly and tell the world he made a mistake.

Hey Roger, Barry, Mark, Sammy, Rafael...Not so hard eh?