WWE No Way Out 2012: 5 Twists & Turns the Triple Threat Match Could Take

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIJune 14, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012: 5 Twists & Turns the Triple Threat Match Could Take

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    The singles elimination between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan has since added Kane and AJ into the mix, creating numerous possibilities for drama during the WWE Championship match at No Way Out.

    In one-on-one matches, there can be only two different outcomes. One guy or the other wins.

    Now it's a triple threat match. The champion doesn't even have to be pinned to lose his belt. In fact, there are six different ways a winner can be crowned. CM Punk could put Kane to sleep. Daniel Bryan could force Punk to tap out. Kane could chokeslam them both to victory.

    Oh, and then there's AJ.

    Who knows whom she plans to side with come Sunday. She's shown enough crazy in the past few weeks to stump the most reliable of psychics.

    Let's immediately throw out the three most plausible finishes.

    First, CM Punk retains his belt.

    Second, Daniel Bryan pins or submits Kane for the win.

    Third, Daniel Bryan cheats to win. Maybe that's hitting one of his competitors with a chair while the referee isn't looking or stealing a pin at the last second.

    Anything outside of these end results is a twist.

    Here's what else could go down and the likelihood of it happening.

Kane Wins Fair and Square

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    I'm willing to bet 55 percent of the WWE Universe is banking on CM Punk retaining. Another 40 percent are convinced Daniel Bryan will come away with a win.

    That leaves just five percent believing in Kane.

    Now, it's one thing for Kane to win if say, Daniel Bryan attempts to cheat and it backfires or some other cheap way. It'd be entirely different for Kane to win fair and square by outdoing his counterparts.

    No one would see that coming.

    Likelihood this occurs: As good as David Otunga's chances of ending Brodus Clay's win streak—very slim.

Daniel Bryan Legitimately Pins or Submits CM Punk

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    As previously stated, the two most logical outcomes have CM Punk retaining or Daniel Bryan pulling off the upset.

    Most expect Bryan to have a few tricks up his sleeve. It wouldn't be surprising to see him use a chair, distract the referee, or utilize some other intolerable heel tactic.

    It's popular opinion that Bryan will pin Kane so as to take the WWE Championship off of Punk without making the current champion look weak.

    But what if Bryan beats Punk naturally?

    Consider this: The triple threat match carries on for 15 minutes of back and forth with no clear advantage to anyone. Somehow, Kane is pulled away from the ring leaving Bryan and Punk to do battle. In the end, Bryan cleanly gets Punk to tap out.

    It would be quite the turn no one seems to be considering.

    Likelihood this occurs: About the same as Dolph Ziggler's chances of knocking off World Heavyweight champion Sheamus—it'd be cool, but it's just so unlikely.

AJ Helps Kane

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    It won't be a surprise when AJ helps or costs someone the WWE Championship.

    It's a matter of who.

    One thing is for sure—she will be involved. Right now, signs point to her helping CM Punk keep the belt around his waist. It would seem she is over Daniel Bryan and using effective tactics on Kane.

    If that happens, no one is shocked.

    However, if AJ helps Kane win this match, it'll be huge for both of them.

    AJ jumps—no, pole vaults—into full-fledged crazy and Kane becomes the WWE champion.

    Likelihood this occurs: As likely as Cody Rhodes is to win the Intercontinental Championship back—a little less than 50-50.

AJ Helps Daniel Bryan, Turns Heel

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    What if the WWE creative team actually allowed a storyline time to develop, mold itself and simmer before jumping the gun and altering its direction?

    What if AJ isn't really crazy at all?

    What if AJ's current angle was cooked up as far back as WrestleMania and she's still been Daniel Bryan's sidekick girlfriend the entire time?

    For three months, AJ has been lying in wait—waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

    Think about it: She's all about CM Punk at the moment and then suddenly kisses Kane, all the while ignoring Bryan.

    She's playing head games.

    It would be very easy—and conniving—if she messed with Punk and Kane so much, distracting them and turning them against one another while Bryan sat back and watched them take each other apart.

    Bryan picks up the scraps, gets the girl and the title.

    Likelihood this occurs: On par with the idea of Vince McMahon screwing John Cena—so easy to foresee that maybe it won't happen at all.

A Face/Heel Turn from Someone

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    CM Punk is a face. Daniel Bryan and Kane are heels.

    It's a bit early—not to mention a waste—for Kane to turn face again. But it could happen. After all, WWE just turned The Big Show heel, so there doesn't seem to be room for three "monster" heels (counting Brock Lesnar).

    Each time he's had a girl crush story, he's been a fan favorite. If the AJ angle goes through, fans could see the softer side of Kane once again.

    The WWE Universe loves CM Punk. The Internet Wrestling Community is bored with his anti-management persona, favoring the heel version instead.

    Of course, the Universe typically trumps the IWC.

    Though if Kane does indeed turn face, it's likely fans could see a double-turn with Punk snapping back into a heel.

    The third situation (and least likely) pushes Daniel Bryan into the face role.

    He's so gifted as a heel though, this scenario would also be a waste. Bryan turning face nearly requires Punk turning heel.

    Still, the situation could arise wherein Kane attempts to destroy AJ, Punk doesn't care and it's Bryan who saves her.

    Likelihood of a Kane face turn: Similar to John Cena's shot at winning—sound arguments for both sides, but it'd take something overwhelming for it to actually happen.

    Likelihood of a CM Punk heel turn: Equivalent to the chances John Laurinaitis doesn't get involved in a match—it'd be a shock if it happens.

    Likelihood of a Daniel Bryan face turn: On the level of The Big Show winning legitimately over John Cena with no use of weapons, cheating or outside interference from anyone—laughably slim.