Tweet of the Day for Every NFC South Team, 6-13-12 Edition

Knox BardeenNFC South Lead WriterJune 13, 2012

photo courtesy of BazaarVoice
photo courtesy of BazaarVoice

I've said this on many occasions, so listen to me again.

Every sports fan should have an account and be on Twitter regularly.

Not only is Twitter a great place for a sports debate when a local sports bar isn't handy, it's also a place where news from the sports world breaks—usually minutes before the rest of the Internet catches up.

It's also a place—much to the chagrin of their employers—where the players can voice their, well, anything they want. For example, Arian Foster tweeted a picture of an MRI exam. D.J. Williams posted a picture of one of the Denver Broncos playbook pages via Twitter. And Jonathan Vilma will pick a fight with any deserving member of the media via Twitter at any, and every, moment.

Instead of following every single player from your favorite team, or from the NFC South (you actually should, it's quite entertaining), instead, check back here regularly for this "Tweet of the Day" feature. Sometimes the tweets will be newsworthy, maybe controversial or possibly funny. But all the time, they'll be interesting.


Chase Daniel injured his thumb in practice this week, interim coach Joe Vitt announced to the world on Wednesday. It's a sprain and hairline fracture in his throwing hand that will keep him out of action for a few weeks.

Daniel sent this tweet to let everyone know he's still working on holding down the fort until Drew Brees and the Saints work out their contractual issues.

Matt Hansen does have great hair, but is it the best hair in the league? When it comes to the Falcons roster, I'll still give Hansen the lead over Ray Edwards' Mohawk, but I don't want Hansen resting on his laurels. If Bear Woods ever comes back to the Falcons, he's taking the title back.

Have you even been in line at a restaurant and said something like "Wow, that guy/gal/kid is wearing a J-Stew jersey, they must be a big Jonathan Stewart fan?" Well, now you know what Stewart says when he sees it.

How do you run out of groceries during the offseason? I know Coach Schiano is keeping you busy, but geez.