What Moves Should TNA Wrestling Make in 2009?

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2009

Pg. 1:  A quick review
Pg. 2: TNA Compared to WWE
Pg. 3: 10 moves they should make

Well in the aftermath of what could possibly be the worst PPV ever, TNA is in awful shape.

TNA's Against All Odds PPV was awful.  Here's a quick review.


Eric Young vs. Alex Shelley (c) for the X-Division title.

This match was all right, but I expected more.  Eric Young has a lot of potential, and Alex Shelley could have really used this match to solidify his reign.

The match saw Shelley win, but not how he should have. He should have a gotten a finisher on EY instead of the roll-up finish we've come to expect to disappoint us every week on TNA.


Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner

TNA used Petey Williams to boost Samoa Joe's return.  At least something good came out of this garbage match.


Brutus Magnus vs. Chris Sabin
I think Magnus will fizzle over in TNA, and we'll be left to wonder, "Why'd you put him over such an established guy?"


ODB vs. Awesome Kong (c) for the Knockouts title

Cornette comes out and throws the "Kong-tourage" out of the arena.  Awesome Kong still wins.  What was the point of this?  Awesome Kong couldn't possibly go over more. You have zero opponents for her at this point already, why bury ODB more?


Booker T vs. Shane Sewell

Why? Why would you put Booker T in the ring with Shane Sewell?  Did you actually think that would sell?


Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

I think both of these guys suck, but Abyss at least has a character.  Abyss got a clean win over Morgan, and that makes no sense, considering Morgan just turned heel. So he loses his first match?  How do you build the feud from here?


Lethal Consequences vs. Beer Money Inc. (c) - TNA Tag Title

Easily the high point of the night. I guess that's something TNA can take out of this. Beer Money got the typical heel team victory, but it was great. An overall good match. Good to see TNA can book tag team wrestling.


Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon vs. Sting (c) - TNA World title

Horrible main event.

If anyone thought either of the Dudley Boyz had any chance of grabbing the title, they're insane.  The finish had nothing to do with Kurt Angle, which made no sense.

I think this PPV sucked so much that someone should get fired over it.

Why would you not book either AJ Styles, Rhyno, or Samoa Joe in a match?  Are you insane, TNA?

TNA compared to WWE

TNA has some amazing talent and obviously could supply a far better product than what they're offering us right now.



*TNA has a far Superior tag team division.

With some of their teams on brief hiatus, it might look thin, but the Motor City Machine Guns and LAX are the only two teams I don't see making their way back to the division.

TNA is great at bringing in new teams, as well.  Remember how long ago Beer Money was formed?

*The X Division
The X Division isn't being used to its potential, but it's certainly still great.  It's the one match at every PPV we can expect to see at least something good out of, and the way it's being used in matches like Ultimate X and Terror Dome is ground-breaking.

To my knowledge, they are the first match types that are specific to a title.

*Young talent in high places

AJ Styles is 30, and Samoa Joe is 29.  That is really young to be main eventing every night.  Consequences Creed is 22. Jay Lethal is 23.

*TNA also has a good connection with ROH, which is why they land their best wrestlers.

(i.e. Samoa Joe, Low Ki, and Homicide)



*Women's division.

The Women's division is very weak.  After Awesome Kong, you have names that Awesome Kong has beaten 20 times, and The Beautiful People.

It just shows how valuable Gail Kim is.  I hope the WWE uses her right.

*The main event scene
Right now, you have four guys in the mix for the title legitimately, maybe five if you count Rhyno (I never will).

Sting is almost done in his career.  They need to focus on building new main eventers, now.10 moves they should make

1.  Make Homicide a main eventer.

He has a cult following from Ring of Honor, and he's an amazing wrestler.  He has massive popularity in TNA already.

Break up LAX, but make Hernandez the reason.  That way Homicide will get the pity popularity, and bosst his babyface factor to a further level.  Then give him a couple high level feuds.  (Let him go after Booker T, he's doing nothing anyway)


2.  Break up the Main Event Mafia 

The whole Mafia breaking up isn't the main focus, you just need to move Sting out of the mix.  The group doesn't need Sting, and in fact it would become a better faction without him.

Let Kurt be the true leader and make him the true top heel, instead of flip-flopping Sting's role.


3.  Give Kurt Angle the TNA title.

I only want this to happen because Sting is a bad champion.  No offence to Sting fans, but he's just not that good with the belt.  Let Kurt run the title and let one of your young guns take it from Kurt.


4.  Break up the Motor City Machine Guns.

The Machine Guns are a great team, but if they're not going to be booked as a team, don't make Chris Sabin the second fiddle. 

Sabin should be in feuds or at least in a higher quality match than the squash match he lost to Brutus Magnus.  Sabin carried your X division while A.J. was blossoming into a main eventer; why make him a jobber?


5.  Get rid of the Frontline bullshit.

I'm alright with making them look unified, but all they do is job to the heels.  I don't want to see Petey Williams lose to Scott Steiner, a guy that in all respects should have retired a long time ago.  I don't want to see Team 3D lose 50 times to Kurt Angle.


6.  Don't let Sting win at Bound for Glory.

I know it's a while away, but it seems to be the trend to make the old guys win at the big PPVs.  Sting has said he is going to retire following this year.  Why not make him lose to one of your younger guys?


7.  Turn either Samoa Joe or AJ Styles heel 

They don't both need to go over as top face, so why not let one go over as top heel?  Personally, I think Samoa Joe is a much better heel, but it doesn't really matter.  


8.  Get Jeff Jarrett off the screen. 

He's boring as an authority figure.  He doesn't need to remind us he's the owner.


9. Depth

Bring in Elijah Burke and Paul London, and bring back Christopher Daniels as Christopher Daniels.


10.  Kill Suicide.

No one was on a bigger role than Kaz until the Suicide thing, let him kill the character off.  It's been nothing but bad luck.


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