WWE No Way Out: Is Daniel Bryan More over Than CM Punk?

Mark PirieCorrespondent IJune 13, 2012


On the latest Monday Night Raw, we saw the WWE Title picture heat up just before No Way Out, as Daniel Bryan accused CM Punk of becoming a "sell-out".

In this rant, Bryan stated:

"What happened to you, Punk? I used to respect you. You've changed. You call yourself 'The Voice of the Voiceless,' yet you pander to everybody."

With these few words, light bulbs started to turn on in every one around the WWE universe's heads. Has their "Voice Of The Voiceless" changed?

Is he now everything that he claimed to despise in his famous rant from almost one year ago? 

If we are all honest with ourselves, the Straight Edge Superstar has been tamed since ratings started to fall during his segments, with the pipe bombs being limited to merely occasionally witty rants against the next heel.

But as Punk begins to flounder, what does that mean for Daniel Bryan?

Daniel Bryan has been on a rocket of popularity since Wrestlemania, and as it stands, he could be regarded as having more of an effect on the WWE fans.

This is not to say that Daniel Bryan is as big a star in the company as the current champion is in terms of values such as merchandise sales. While Bryan's "Yes!" t-shirts have been popular, his growing popularity is much more evident in terms of reactions from the crowd.

If you take Monday night's segment as an example, Bryan got a huge pop from his supporters as well as a huge heel reaction.

With this, the tame CM Punk's comebacks seemed to lack punch, and he seemed to receive a lackluster response from the crowd.

These two superstars' popularity and positions in the WWE is firmly based on the support of their Internet fans. With Daniel Bryan continuing to gain momentum, the unconventional superstar could be set to overtake his long time friend.

The big question is will this recent swing in popularity affect the WWE Title match at No Way Out? Will it result in a new champion being crowned?

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