How I Feel About Alex Rodriguez

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

Is A-Rod the only person that ever cheated at something?

After hearing that Alex Rodriguez cheated by using steroids and after hearing him admit that he used steroids, I felt happy about it. It's the part of me that likes to see cheaters and humans in general, suffer. It was also a form of entertainment for me because life can get boring.

I made fun of A-Rod. I put a picture together with him and a pink purse and other Yankee cheaters and it felt pretty good after I finished.

Then I realized something. Was I being hypocritical? What about all the times I've cheated in my life? What about the times I cheated on a girlfriend to satisfy my ego? What about the times I cheated on an English test to get a higher score?

What about you? What about the times you cheated on your taxes? What about the time you ripped the government off with millions of tax payer money? What about the time you got breast enhancements to make your breasts bigger to impress a man so you can find a future husband? What about when "you" took steroids to impress a woman so you could find a mating partner? What about the time you cheated on your spouse?

People will always cheat. They will do so until the end of time.

Every one is trying to get ahead and a lot of people will go to any means necessary to do it.

If I was able to cheat to get more people to read my blog, I'd do so in a heart beat. I wouldn't think twice. How many of you are going around spamming message boards with the url to your website to get people to come and read your blog? I did it a lot when I first started. It felt dishonest.

It's human nature to want to live an easier life. To make life easier, you do need money even if poor people like myself tell you differently. Money enables you to relax easier and not work from 9-5 and you don't have as much stress.

Alex Rodriguez is part of the system our culture created. Be the best at something, make a lot of money and live an easier life.

When you're caught doing something you know is wrong, your first reaction is to deny it. A lot of us would of done the same thing A-Rod did in his terrible interview with Peter Gammons. When you're caught in the middle of something that is really big news, you don't know how to answer and you make fumbling statements.

Alex Rodriguez panicked in a lot of his answers to Peter Gammons and I'm sure a lot of people in his shoes would of done the same.

You and I don't have any right to call for Alex Rodriguez's head just because he is in the spotlight. You're calling for his head because it's possible you're not satisfied with your life. I'm not too satisfied with mine. I wish I could live a better life.

Yes, I'll continue to post funny pictures of A-Rod and athletes that are caught doing something wrong or silly because it's entertainment and you and I liked to be entertained.

My point is don’t be surprised when people are caught cheating because every one cheats at some point in their life, including yourself.

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