Time for the New York Rangers to Step Up or Go Home

Kevin PapaCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

It's now or never, folks. Time to step up or go home. I'm sure all Rangers fans will vehemently agree with me on the sickening attempt at hockey played by the Blueshirts as of late. If we're lucky on any particular night, there might be two or three players that look and play like they want to be there.

The rest, including every veteran player on the team, seem like they would rather be home or anywhere but the ice. They look so depleted and uninterested that missing the playoffs altogether this year is looming as a definite possibility.

I hate making my first two articles on this site filled with negativity, but come on. I think if you gave me a pair of skates and a stick I could defend the net better. We are supposed to be playing defensive-minded hockey, but even then no one seems to be playing defense whatsoever.

There are very few options for this struggling Rangers team, and only two possibilities I could see happening in this current season.

One possibility would be to bench the players not showing heart, passion, or any convincing argument on why they are even in the NHL. This would send a message, but I still doubt the players would change dramatically enough to sway the misguided direction of this team.

The only other reasonable possibility would be to acquire someone prior to the trade deadline in March, but I also can't see Sather "wasting" money on someone who actually is younger than 30, and has potential to do anything but aimlessly skate around.

Worse still, when you already have these extremely talented players (Drury, Gomez, Naslund, "Redden") and the highlight of the game is not a beautiful wrist shot, but instead Colton Orr one-timing Mike Rupp, you need a change.

If and when the Blueshirts decide to wake up and smell the losing streak, maybe we will witness a magnificent transformation, but then again I'm asking for too much. More than anything, win or lose, I want to see a team that plays their hearts out game in, and game out. When they acheive that, they will be successful and the goals and confidence will come back in full.