The Alex Rodriguez Steroid Scandal: Who Are The Other 103?

Greg JansenCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

This past weekend, word leaked that Alex Rodriguez failed an anonymous drug test in 2003.  Today, he came clean and confessed to taking something, but that he's unsure of what he took.

As fuzzy as this sounds, I feel like I cannot fault him.  I believe he has since put steroids behind him, evident by the fact that his home run production has dropped by about 10 home runs per season since joining the Yankees in 2004, the year after he said he stopped.

There's a lot of talk that A-Rod should be banished from the Hall of Fame and that his credibility, as well as that of the home run record he is expected to hold one day, is ruined.

I am not here to decide whether action (organized or not) should be taken against him.  Maybe another day.  But now that A-Rod's name has been leaked from the drug testing, others are calling for the other 103 names to be released.

Hope that it never happens.

The results of the anonymous (let me say it again, anonymous) drug testing should be destroyed, as they should have been back in 2003 after the testing was done.

Rodriguez's name was leaked.  It should not have been, but as a result he has had to fess up to his mistakes.  I at least have to give him credit for attacking his allegations head-on while staying, as far as we know, honest.

But that doesn't mean that others should have to face the same fate as him.  Not only would it deface the credibility of the test, but it could further hurt the reputation of baseball beyond the damage already done.

I do not believe that some players would be as willing to address the media as Rodriguez has.  Those who would avoid the media would bring us back to the not-so-long-ago days of Clemens, McGwire, and Bonds evading the media and making us all the more skeptical.

If the names come out, we're throwing ourselves into something that we say we don't want.

If the names come out, we would be hearing more "false positive" or "I don't know why it came out wrong" alibis that discredit the player even further.

If the names come out, we would not know who to trust, and thus we would trust no one.

So who are the other 103?

I don't give a damn.  And neither should you.