Eric Wright Mystery: Is Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cornerback Really Good to Go?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IJune 13, 2012

Hopefully Eric Wright (21) is good to go for training camp.
Hopefully Eric Wright (21) is good to go for training camp.Chris Graythen/Getty Images


The last thing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need is more uncertainty when it comes to the defense.

The latest chapter from the Buccaneer Book of Uncertainty involves the overall health of cornerback Eric Wright.

Mike Florio, pro football information's ultimate guru over there at, threw some things into the blender and came up with a "mystery illness" that may have been bothering Wright for perhaps the past month or so.

You would assume that Wright was perfectly healthy when he showed up for a physical after he was given a fairly hefty free-agent contract. Hefty considering he hasn't exactly been a world-beater at the position the past two seasons.

There's already uncertainty at one corner with the upcoming trial of Aqib Talib. Now add Wright's situation, and the "U" in uncertainty becomes a little larger.

"Great" is how Wright described himself on Twitter. Now that's "great" to hear, but is it really "great," or is it "great" compared to perhaps some funk that was hanging around him?

The one "great" that the Bucs defense needs from Wright is "great play" to justify the move by Mark Dominik when he gave Wright a five-year, $38 million contract.

The Buccaneers are in day two of their offseason-ending, three-day minicamp.

Wright, who hasn't been around for most of the OTAs, is out there participating. And that's a good sign.

Hopefully, the "mystery illness" is gone and will remain an unsolved mystery.


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