Brian Banks Is a Great Story, but Can He Contribute in Seattle?

Thomas HolmesCorrespondent IIIJune 14, 2012

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

The story of Brian Banks is one that you've probably either read, seen, or heard by now, but personally it still amazes me. 

After going to hell and back, Banks, now given a new lease on life, has decided to take a shot at playing for the Seahawks.

Head coach Pete Carroll extended an offer to Banks to join the team's minicamp following his workout at the 'Hawks facility last week. 

In terms of next steps, Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times reports, "As a tryout player, Banks will participate in the drills alongside the rest of Seattle's roster, and the Seahawks will have the option of extending him a contract offer depending on how he performs."

Could Banks, after years away from football, really make the team?

B/R's NFL Blogger Aaron Nagler supports Banks, but still has his doubts.

Maybe the expansion of offseason rosters to 90 players will give Banks a shot at coming into training camp with someone, and maybe in that time and setting he will be able to do enough to show that he belongs. But he's essentially competing against a few thousand other young men who have been working on their games non-stop the entire time he's been away.

It's a fair point. Once we get past the raw emotion of the situation, how would Banks contribute for the 'Hawks?

Crazy as it sounds, as a linebacker Banks could help at arguably the 'Hawks weakest position in regards to skill and depth. 

In drills on Wednesday 'Hawks linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr. offered his thoughts when asked about Banks.

"Can he run, can he move, does he look the part? All of that is a plus," Norton said. "Does he make a good first impression? He made a great first impression. Really bright, really smart, well spoken. He has a great memory. He remembers everything you tell him and that's a great plus at this point.''

That sounds good, but what is more likely is that if Banks were to stick with the team, it would probably be playing special teams. While it might not sound like much, it could be a start, as you can never discount what the 'Hawks have done with underrated/unheralded talent in recent years. 

Here's hoping that one of the best stories in professional sports this year continues in Seattle. Just like those of us who write here, Banks is chasing a dream that many would consider foolish to even attempt. In a world that sometimes makes it a challenge to find a silver lining, Banks is someone we should all be rooting for. 

And with that I wish him all the best! 

If he makes the squad, don't be too surprised to see quite a few "Banks" jerseys at C-Link over the course of the coming season. Seattle fans not only celebrate winners, but value good people as well.