Forrest Griffin on UFC 148: 'If I Lose to Tito, I'm Going to Retire from Life'

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IJune 12, 2012

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With all the sudden changes going on with UFC cards lately, one fight that appears to be intact is the trilogy between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin at UFC 148

It might not add any relevance toward the light-heavyweight division, but Ortiz and Griffin remain fan favorites within the company.

Griffin spoke to about his third meeting with "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy."

"We're 1-1, we've had good fights. There's going to be some things that are tough to deal with. A good wrestler that comes down low, that comes with pressure, he's a tough guy to fight. He's still got a good overhand right, good shovel hook, he's got good punches, good knees, he's got a good Thai clinch. If you can stop him from coming forward, he's not so hard to fight. But when he's coming forward in that good stance, you can't tell if he's gonna throw a big bomb or shoot...that's tough to deal with."

"A lot of people ask me. They say 'Forrest, it's Tito's retirement fight. If you lose to Tito, are you going to retire?' If I lose to Tito, I'm going to retire from life...seriously."

Both fights have been memorable in their own right, but a third bout won't mean much for either competitor except for a victory on their professional record. Neither man is in their prime anymore, and a final fight between them will finally bring closure to one of the most exciting rivalries in recent memory.

It is possible that Griffin could retire with a win, seeing as how he doesn't stand a chance at receiving another title shot at this stage of his career.

Ortiz is set to retire following his match with Griffin, ending one of the most storied careers in UFC history.