WWE Tag Teams: Is This Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks' Time to Shine?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2012


The WWE tag team division was dealt a blow when it was reported (WrestlingInc via PWInsider) that R-Truth had suffered an injury to his foot on WWE's recent tour.

This may have been the reason we saw Big Show take out both tag team champions this past week. Having them appear like Show injured them helps to protect their status as tag champs instead of just having Kofi show up with no partner for weeks on end.

With Truth being on the bench for the time being, it would seem that the bulk of the tag team matches would fall to the other established teams.

WWE is not currently known for pushing tag teams, so for all we know, we will go weeks at a time without seeing a single real tag team fight another tag team without it being two singles stars who were thrown together.

Since the division seems to be on its way back to actually mattering, it would be smart for WWE to use this opportunity to showcase the other teams while Truth rests up.

It has been said that Triple H is looking to rebuild the division, and with the Usos still being a team on top of the introduction of The PrimeTime Players and Reks and Hawkins, we could see more of these younger stars when Raw goes three hours.

Raw going three hours is where Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins have the chance to step up and claim their time in the spotlight.

We have seen Reks and Hawkins either solely on NXT and Superstars or used in more of a jobber's role on the major shows, so they have not had much of a chance to really showcase their skills in a grand stage since beginning as a team.

They have both made great strides in improving their in-ring ability, and it has to be noted that they have been used on TV a few times recently in a comedic way where both men appeared comfortable in front of the camera and on the mic.

These two hungry, young athletes could end up being released if they do not make some waves soon, which is why Truth getting injured might be their best chance of jumping through a closing door.

Hawkins is a former tag team champion with Zack Ryder, which seems to always be forgotten by the announcers when they are calling his matches.

He could be champion again with Reks, especially since Reks has something Ryder did not have—intimidation.

Reks is a big guy who should be a monster in the ring, but being green held him back, and he was relegated to the lower-card shows for a long time until recently starting to show up with Hawkins on Raw and Smackdown, albeit sparingly.

The best thing these guys can do is keep pushing the social media platforms and continuing to push for themselves if no one else is willing to do it.

After all, I would hate to see what has become a talented team end up in TNA, or worse.