The Glamazon's Dream Match Is Mine, Too

Christi LottCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

In a recent interview, Beth Phoenix stated her dream opponent would be Natalya. Because Nattie is the niece of Bret Hart, Beth's true dream opponent, this would be the closest thing to reach that dream. Well, Beth's dream match is mine, too.

These two women are the best of the best of the Divas roster in the WWE. The two have amateur wrestling backgrounds; Beth was on her high school's wrestling team while Nattie grew up in wrestling and was trained in The Dungeon, her grandfather's legendary training basement, at a young age as well as having a long indie career.

They are nearly one in the same in terms of size and look, and have very similar wrestling styles.

A match like this would truly be a first for the WWE. There hasn't really been a match of two physically dominating divas one on one with each other. I wonder how Beth's physicality would match up with Nattie's knowledge of wrestling and submission maneuvers.

Both divas are highly respected in the wrestling world for their skills and could truly put on a REAL wrestling match. To me, this would be reminiscent of Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog at Summerslam.

Another departure for the WWE: I don't think anyone would call it a "Divas" match. These two are wrestlers, first and foremost who happen to be beautiful.

Could it happen? Absolutely. Will it? Doubtful. The WWE is definitely not known for really keeping a consistent eye on its Diva division. Natalya is stuck on a model-filled Smackdown with nothing to do. A trade or draft would need to happen.

Even Trish Stratus would like to have a match with these two. Will the WWE depart from typical diva craziness and boredom? Will it put two extremely capable women's wrestlers against each other in a match for the ages?

One can dream...