Viral Video of the Day: Samir Nasri Scores, Shushes, Swears at Critics

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Samir Nasri just can't stop making friends.

Always the amicable fellow, Nasri celebrated scoring against England on Monday with a shushing gesture and a classy (he was speaking French, after all), profanity-laced rant.

The celebration appears above in today's B/R Viral Video of the Day.

Now, of course, the question is obvious. Who was Nasri advising to "shut the (blank) up?" Turns out the answer probably isn't as controversial as you first thought.

And indeed, most of us had plenty of thoughts.

Was he rubbing his good fortune in the face of Piers Morgan and Arsenal fans? Again?

Nah, that couldn't be right. That was a disagreement over club football. This was something else entirely.

Was he taunting England's bench and new manager Roy Hodgson? English tabloids The Sun and the Daily Mirror seemed to think so.

But, no, they were wrong. Shocking, we know. clears up the mystery for us by quoting Nasri himself:

That [my outburst] was aimed at the French press and not at others who didn't criticise me. L'Equipe has been very unfriendly towards me and have written a lot of bad things.

So that's all cleared up. But could you imagine this happening in American sports?

What if LeBron James swore at Spike Lee during a playoff game at Madison Square Garden? Wouldn't he be fined 10 grand and raked over the coals in the media?

Or what if Tim Tebow made an obscene gesture right after Tebowing? Wouldn't that signal the start of the apocalypse?

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