WWE News: Vince McMahon to Appear at No Way Out, Stipulation Added to Main Event

Kaleb KelchnerContributor IIIJune 12, 2012

Image via WWE.com
Image via WWE.com

Vince McMahon made his return to WWE television last night on Raw with his sights set on general manager John Laurinaitis, and his presence has had a major impact on No Way Out.

After Mr. McMahon gave John Laurinaitis an entire three-hour Raw to convince him that he was a capable GM, Vince was set to fire the People Power pioneer in the closing segment of the show.

Big Show interrupted the firing, and tore into McMahon verbally, well-hidden behind his new ironclad contract. This prompted John Cena to appear and give Big Show a taste of his own medicine.

McMahon determined that the best way to go about this firing was to make it a stipulation to the Steel Cage Match between Big Show and John Cena. If Big Show loses at No Way Out, Laurinaitis will be fired immediately by McMahon, who will be seated at ringside.

In the end, a brawl broke out, with Big Show and John Cena throwing security out of the way to go at each other. McMahon and Laurinaitis attempted to break up the scrap, but McMahon's good intentions cost him as he ate an inadvertent WMD from Big Show.

WWE is selling Vince McMahon's injury from Big Show's right hand, with an injury update via WWE.com:

Mr. McMahon is being evaluated by medical personnel and treated for concussion-like symptoms due to a head injury sustained at the hands of Big Show on Raw SuperShow Monday night, WWE officials report.

One wonders if the potential injury could have an effect on Vince McMahon passing judgement on John Laurinaitis at No Way Out. Keep an eye out for updates here at Bleacher Report as this angle develops.