A Look Back at CFB's 2005 Recruiting Class: Top Five Players at Each Position

KevinContributor IFebruary 9, 2009

Now that the 2005 recruiting class has graduated, I felt it was time to look back on all the players in that class and rank the Top Five players at each position, as well as the biggest bust. The rankings and star ratings that I used were from Rivals, as I feel it is pretty credible and much easier to navigate.

So here I go; I am open to all comments and arguments because in a list like this there will always be arguments. If I don't write my reasoning for putting a player somewhere, call me out in the comments and I will provide you with my thought process.

Also, if you guys enjoy this, I am working on doing this for the 2004, 2003, and 2002 classes, as that is all they have on Rivals. Enjoy.



Bust: Ryan Perrilloux, 5*, LSU—No questions asked; had so much talent but wasted it.

5: Zac Robinson, 3*, Oklahoma State—Great year last year, not many other options.

4: Willie Tuitama, 4*, Arizona—Very underrated; never was a massive superstar but solid.

3: Mark Sanchez, 5*, USC—One good year doesn't mean he deserves the top spot.

2: Chase Daniel, 3*, Missouri—Tough senior year; great career though.

1: Colt McCoy, 3*, Texas—Boy, was he underrated coming into college.


Running Backs

Bust: Jason Gwaltney, 5*, West Virginia—Did nothing except low numbers in one year.

5B: Donald Brown, 3*, Connecticut—3,800 yards and 33 TDs in three years.

5A: Jamaal Charles, 4*, Texas—3,328 yards in three years and a big part of Texas Football.

4: James Davis, 4*, Clemson—All right senior year, but 3,881 yards rushing for career.

3: Javon Ringer, 3*, Michigan State—4,398 yards over career. Wow.

2: Darren McFadden, 5*, Arkansas—Going to catch heat for this; 4,590 yards in three years.

1: Ray Rice, 3*, Rutgers—4,926 yards in only three years at Rutgers; turned around the program at Rutgers with Brian Leonard.


Wide Receiver

Bust: Fred Rouse, 5*, Florida State—Left FSU, went to UNLV, left there.

5: Mohamed Massaquoi, 4*, Georgia—Mainstay on UGA for four years.

4: Darrius Heyward-Bey, 4*, Maryland—Such an all-around threat.

3: Malcolm Kelly, 4*, Oklahoma—Only played three years, but had 2,285 yards.

2: DeSean Jackson, 5*, California—Yes, he was a great PR, but he still was a great WR.

1: Mario Manningham, 4*, Michigan—He had 2,310 yards and 27 TDs, about 100 yards less than Jackson, but he also had 25+ fewer catches.


Tight End

Bust: Dajleon Farr, 4*, Miami Fl.—Thought he was going to follow Jeremy Shockey and Kellen Winslow.

5: Garrett Graham, 3*, Wisconsin—Very solid; probably better than Travis Beckum.

4: Jermichael Finley, 4*, Texas—Solid three-year career at Texas.

3: Ed Dickson, 3*, Oregon—Another solid, not spectacular TE.

2: Martellus Bennett, 5*, Texas A&M—Had a great career at A&M.

1: Chase Coffman, 3*, Missouri—Is there any question? Did you see that hurdle? TEs aren't supposed to be able to do that.


Offensive Line

Bust: Reggie Youngblood, 5*, Miami Fl.—Played but hasn't lived up to 5* hype.

10: Jon Cooper, 4*, Oklahoma—Big part of OU line that protected the Heisman winner.

9: Ed Wang, 3*, Virginia Tech—Still at VA Tech; should get drafted in 2010.

8: Dan Doering, 5*, Iowa—Been solid for Iowa.

7: Josh McNeil, 4*, Tennessee—One of the top three centers in CFB next year.

6: Mike Johnson, 4*, Alabama—Along with Andre Smith, anchored 'Bama left side.

5: Alex Boone, 5*, Ohio State—Been a stalwart on OSU's line.

4: Sergio Render, 3*, Virginia Tech—Will be top OG in 2010 draft.

3: Ciron Black, 3*, LSU—Big load who is one of the top tackles for next year.

2: Duke Robinson, 4*, Oklahoma—Top OG in 2009 draft.

1: Eugene Monroe, 5*, Virginia—Top 10 pick in 2009 draft and surely lived up to hype.


Defensive End—Very unimpressive DEs and DTs

Bust: Melvin Alaeze, 5*, Maryland—Did nothing at Maryland, now in jail.

5: Kyle Moore, 4*, USC—Solid but never spectacular.

4: Jeffrey Fitzgerald, 3*, Virginia—Has had two good years but been injured as well.

3: Everette Brown, 4*, Florida State—Only great year was 2009.

2: Matt Shaughnessy, 3*, Wisconsin—Not great sack numbers but 134 tackles.

1: Nick Reed, 4*, Oregon—143 tackles, 48.5 tackles for a loss, and 28.5 sacks; pretty good compared to the other options.


Defensive Tackle

Bust: Callahan Bright, 5*, Florida State—Another bust from FSU; most of their class was.

5: Evander Hood, 3*, Missouri—137 tackles in four years; not bad.

4: Terrance Taylor, 4*, Michigan—Not great sack numbers but solid for Michigan.

3: Roy Miller, 4*, Texas—Never put up numbers expected but a big part of UT defense.

2: Vince Oghobaase, 4*, Duke—Very underrated and underappreciated player.

1: Ndamukong Suh, 4*, Nebraska—129 tackles, 29.5 tackles for a loss, and 12 sacks in three years, and he still has his senior year to add onto that.



Bust: Tray Blackmon, 5*, Auburn—Just didn't ever justify the 5* hype.

10: Curtis Lofton, 4*, Oklahoma—One great year at OU.

9: Brit Miller, 3*, Illinois—Overshadowed in 2008 by J Leman; had a big year in 2009.

8: Roddrick Muckelroy, 3*, Texas—Had 171 tackles for career.

7: Zack Follett, 4*, California—212 tackles for career as well as terrorizing passers.

6: Brock Christopher, 3*, Missouri—Sean Weatherspoon overshadowed; 284 tackles for career.

5: Brian Cushing, 4*, USC—Rose Bowl MVP in sophomore season; part of great D in 2008.

4: Rico McCoy, 4*, Tennessee—With Eric Berry was only bright spot for Tennessee in 2008.

3: Sean Lee, 3*, Penn State—Injured in 2008; will hope to recover big in 2009.

2: James Laurinaitis, 3*, Ohio State—So underrated coming in; 366 tackles over four years.

1: Rey Maualuga, 5*, USC—May have fewer tackles than Laurinaitis (236) but seems to really carry that team and strike more fear into opponents. Will say I could have gone either way on this one.



Bust: Justin King, 5*, Penn State—Left after junior year but was never a great player.

5: Derek Pegues, 4*, Mississippi State—11 interceptions and 132 tackles for career.

4: Syd'Quan Thompson, 4*, California—Very good cover corner for Cal.

3: Walter Thurmond, 3*, Oregon—Tremendous CB and had 11 interceptions.

2: Victor "Macho" Harris, 5*, Virginia Tech—Lockdown corner with 15 picks.

1: Malcolm Jenkins, 3*, Ohio State—Another underrated prospect in the Ohio State class; teams just stayed away from him in 2008.



Bust: Jamario O'Neal, 4*, Ohio State—Could never crack rotation at Ohio State.

5: Kevin Ellison, 3*, USC—Recruited as LB but was overshadowed a bit by Taylor Mays.

4: Otis Wiley, 3*, Michigan State—Great FS; had eight picks over career.

3: Quinton Andrews, 3*, West Virginia—Anchored the WVU defense.

2: Kenny Phillips, 5*, Miami Fl.—Next of the great safeties from U; first round pick.

1: Nic Harris, 4*, Oklahoma—Heart of Oklahoma defense in 2008; great safety who had 217 tackles and seven interceptions for career.


Hope you guys enjoyed the list; feel free to comment.


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