Packers Drafting a First-Round Cornerback? I Don't Get It

Aren DowCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

Numerous mock drafts I have seen have the Packers picking Malcolm Jenkins at number nine.

Why, I ask?

Corner isn't even in the top three positions of what the Packers really need.

If you left the Pro Bowl off your Sunday schedule, you missed Al Harris, one of the Packers cornerbacks playing. The other one, Charles Woodson, was invited but declined.

So that is fairly good. Two Pro Bowl corners for a team isn't too shabby.

I'll admit though, both Harris and Woodson, 34 and 32, are getting up there in years. We do need depth, especially at a position such as cornerback. 

But if you watched the Packers this year, you would know we have talent on the bench. After Al Harris suffered an injury that sidelined him for part of the season, a hero emerged.

Tramon Williams.

I really, really liked watching Tramon. I don't know what it is, but I like the guy. Maybe it was him stepping up and providing five interceptions for the Packers this season and not letting our defense fall completely into shambles.

Green Bay picked up Pat Lee in the second round last year, and he showed sparks of talent during the season. I would not put him in a starting line-up today, but with a year or two of improvement, he could be something special.

I don't think Will Blackmon will become become a starting cornerback. Hopefully he will prove me wrong, but he can be solid as the nickel back and punt return man.

Numerous blogs and Mel Kiper Jr have the Ohio State corner going to Green Bay, but I sure hope they are wrong.

At the number nine spot in the draft, you look for an impact player, someone who can immediately contribute. Malcolm Jenkins can be that contributor, but the Packers have more pressing needs.

Defensive end, outside linebacker, and offensive tackle should be the top three priorities. With the system change from 4-3 to 3-4, our linebackers need to be versatile enough to chase down receivers and power to the quarterback.

Our defensive line needs do the dirty work to take out the offensive line so the linebackers can close the gaps. They also have to stop the run, a concept they had a hard time grasping last year. Clifton and Tauscher aren't getting younger either, but unlike corner there isn't a obvious replacement for the tackles.

There are plenty of corners past round one. Let the number nine spot be used for a actual position of need.