The Top 10 Future Careers in WWE

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

Let me make this clear, this list is for people who still have a long career ahead of them, and I'm not including John Cena cause he sucks. Please post a comment if you read this.


10. Shelton Benjamin

They have been pushing him a lot lately but I don't see him ever getting past mid card well know he would make a great ECW champion and maybe if they continue his slow and steady push he could be a world title but it wont happen for a long long time


9. Matt Hardy

What has Matt hardy ever done hold second-class titles and a world title on the worst show in WWE right now that has no talent at all he used to be the guy everybody was talking about how he would hold the world title someday but you know what all that hype went away as soon as Jeff debuted I believe Matt will hold  the world title someday but it wont won't be any time soon.


8. Jack Swagga

The all Armenian American has a very good career ahead of him he has great mat skill and no not skill on beating Matt Hardy but mat skills you know he has the look and really good mic skill he has a long and great career ahead of him and I think he will be moved to Raw in the next draft.


7. Jeff Hardy

I don't believe that Jeff's career will be going anywhere anytime soon he did drugs and they already kinda risked it when they gave him the title its just that they don't trust Jeff Hardy because they think he wont show up to work or he will get suspended again or something we won't see Jeff Hardy as champion for a long time.


6. Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy was going to get the biggest push of his career if he hadn't have gotten suspended because they were gonna make him McMahon hidden sun but instead we got an unnecessary rivalry with hornswoggle which kinda sucked but that doesn't mean he is not going to have a great career he can still become champion, etc., but i believe he will suffer the same fate as Jeff Hardy.


5. Cody Rhodes

We all know the sun of the American dream Dusty Rhodes is going to have a dream career regardless of size but i also believe that it won't be as good as some of the other because of his size. I'm not saying its going to suck im just saying it may be diminished because of his small size he needs to bulk up.


4. CM Punk

CM Punk has a very good fan base with parents and kids i didn't say it was great but its good CM Punk is kinda like RVD he has a money in the bank win he uses his feet a lot he has ok mic skill he doesn't hold the world title that much but is almost always a legitimate IC or US contender and the company likes him cause he doesn't use drugs ever they need to try to push him to the moon.


3. MVP 

IF AND ONLY IF the company does the right things with MVP he could as high on the hard as Orton and it wouldn't take that long he has the mic skill he has the athleticism he has all the tools he needs to be a main eventer give him a long us title run and undefeated steak and move him up the card and have him take the title of the game as a face and hhh as a heel and you just made a new main eventer.


2. Ted DiBiase Jr.

The WWE is extremely high on this guy they see him as the next Randy Orton they were even talking about him ending the undertakers streak at one point if that doesn't say that the wwe is high on him then I don't know what does he is very athletic and the son of the million dollar man I can guarantee you that he will be WWE champion one day and I'm betting its before 2010.


1. Randy Orton

We all know that he is going to be the real face of the company for at least the next four years he is young and extremely athletic the WWE is also very high on him he appears on the show like six times a week and he has his own stable. And he is extremely young for where he is at with the company right know and we all new he was going to be No. 1.