Evan Turner Is Ohio State's LeBron James

Kyle StrittholtCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2009

There aren’t many people you can compare to LeBron James. He’s one of the biggest NBA superstars in the game today. My vote went to him last year for MVP, averaging the most points a game and very nearly averaging a triple double.

His numbers are a little down this season, but his team has a better record this year than last. He is the Cleveland Cavs' leader, and they are not the same team without him. There is no question he is one of the best players in the world.

So how can Ohio State’s Evan Turner be a little like LeBron? Well, like LeBron, he is the leader of his Buckeye team. They are a better team with him. Ohio State is missing David Lighty right now on the defensive side of things, but they would have more losses if it were Turner out instead of Lighty.

Turner, like LeBron, is extremely athletic. He can control the ball as a guard, and he has the size to be a forward. His bread and butter is when he’s driving the lane. He can make some extremely difficult shots off the glass, and his aggression can get him to the foul line.

Is Turner as good as James? No, not yet. I think he has the potential to be something great, but he’s so young it’s hard to tell right now.

James is just an all-around athlete. I’m sure everyone’s seen the commercial when he’s playing for the Browns. He could probably do that if he wanted to. He’s not only tall, but big too. He's 6'8" and 250 pounds. Turner doesn’t have that much size, and if he could play football, I’m sure Jim Tressel would ask him.

Turner, like the rest of this Buckeyes team, is really young. He’s a sophomore and already scoring mass points on good teams. He’s won Big Ten player of the week three times already and is amongst the top scorers in the conference. He’s only had two games not scoring double digits, and the Buckeyes lost only one of those games.

Turner's shown himself unselfish by averaging at least three assists a game, and he does pretty good on the boards, getting around seven a game. He’s posted seven double-doubles this season.

This Ohio State team is young but has proven that its young players have talent. I think if the young players stay with this team and all continue to grow as a unit, they have Final Four potential written all over them. I think this season they have a good chance of upsetting some teams in March, and maybe getting far in the big tournament.

It all depends on Evan Turner though, and if he controls the game playing like he’s been playing, this team can be a nightmare.