Report: Chicago Cubs Sign Jorge Soler to a Nine Year Contract

Jim WeihofenCorrespondent IJune 11, 2012

Theo and Jed got their man.

As was first reported by Joel Sherman, and later confirmed by Ken Rosenthal, the Chicago Cubs won the bidding on prized Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler, presumably handing out the last massive international free agent contract.

Jon Heyman added the details of the 20-year-old's contract: nine years, $30 million.

Soler joins left-handed pitcher Gerardo Concepcion, signed back in March, as the Cubs got two of the top three Cuban free agents from this off-season, only losing out on Yoenis Cespedes due to an inability to see eye-to-eye on contract length.

With the impending CBA changes set to drop the international free agency signing pool to $2.9 million in July, the move had to be made, and fast. Soler only gained free agent status on June second, however, teams have been in on him for months.

The downside to all this, of course, is that Soler's been mostly inactive for a year. In all likelihood, at 20, Soler will need at least two more years to reach Wrigley. He'll make an average of $3.3 million a year during this span, though.

With talk that first round pick Albert Almora not a given sign, due to being represented by Scott Boras, Soler immediately adds another top outfield prospect to the Cubs system, along with highly touted guys such as Brett Jackson and Matt Sczcur.

While only time will tell if Soler is what we all hope he is, in this moment, the Cubs are winners.