Alex Kovalev's Departure from Montreal Canadiens Only a Matter of Time

Matt EichelSenior Writer IFebruary 9, 2009

It's only a matter of time before Alex Kovalev either gets dealt or he goes unsigned by the Montreal Canadiens.

It might be the only way that the Canadiens can get anything kicked started when it comes to their poor play as of late.

With the All-Star MVP Kovalev only showing signs of brilliance during that All-Star Game in Montreal, the Canadiens are yearning for Kovalev to perform in the other jersey he wears in night in and night out: le bleu, blanc, et rogue.

For every diehard Montreal fan, the ship is sinking on a two-game losing streak.

When it comes to the Kovalev ship, most have already jumped ship.

With impeding free agency on the horizon for the Canadiens former 83-point producer, his return does not seem to be in the Canadiens plans if he continues to not produce. 

True, he is not the former 30+ goal scorer and many Canadiens fans should see that especially since he is near the end of his career, nowhere near his prime.

Yet, the mantra on the bench and around the organization is: Alex Kovalev has decided not to show up in the Canadiens centennial season.

Sure, he made the All-Star Game on home ground a rousing success scoring the winning goal and capturing the MVP.

But besides that, no one will remember Kovalev for anything he did in a Montreal sweater, save maybe his overtime winner in Game Two last playoffs.

For a player who came over struggling in the Big Apple with the New York Rangers and then signing a four-year deal promising to bring a Stanley Cup to the Canadiens for a 25th time, Kovalev has yet to deliver on that promise.

With so many free agents on the horizon, other players such as Alex Tanguay, Saku Koivu, Mike Komisarek, and Robert Lang will draw more attention from GM Bob Gainey than will Kovalev.

It's a sad story of a good hockey player who didn't mind showing up to games night in and night out.

But in the hockey-mad city of Montreal, you cannot hide anywhere when you are inconsistent.


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