Jose Valverde: Detroit Tigers Pitcher Caught Using Spitball?

Joshua RamseyAnalyst IJune 11, 2012

Jose Valverde seems to be exchanging his split-finger for a spit-ball.
Jose Valverde seems to be exchanging his split-finger for a spit-ball.Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jose Valverde and the Detroit Tigers closed out their second straight win on Sunday night versus the Cincinnati Reds.  But speculation has arisen regarding Jose Valverde's pitch selection during that game.

There is claim that Valverde has resurrected the "spitter."  Has he inserted this infamous pitch into his arsenal?

Video evidence seen here seems to back up the claims.  Check out the video posted by baseball fan, Justin Tooley on Youtube soon, as MLB will most likely have it removed because it seems to be recorded from a live broadcast of Sunday night's 7-6 Tigers victory.

In the video, it is very evident that Valverde produces a nice-sized ball of spit on his tongue, raises the glove to his mouth and lets it loose.  What is unclear, however, is conclusive evidence that this spit ends up on the ball that was resting in his glove at the time.

Either way, it is a pretty shady incident by the Tigers closer.  Jose had the best season of his career last season, closing out 49 of 49 save chances.  However, this season has been a rather different story and Valverde has seen his ERA jump by a run and a half and has already blown three saves on the year.


Have desperate times called for desperate measures by Jose Valverde?  You be the judge.