Jim Mora's Press Conference Is the Funniest Moment in Sports

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Jim Mora's Press Conference Is the Funniest Moment in Sports

Back in 2001, the Indianapolis Colts were playing bad football.

After another embarrassing loss (this time to the San Francisco 49ers, 40-21), head coach Jim Mora had had enough and was not going to take it anymore.

His hapless Colts were riding a tumultuous wave of poor execution, and had no real punch to start the season. Their record stood at 4-6 after 10 games.

In a post-game interview, the most recognized NFL quotes in history were spoken by the blue-sweater wearing Mr. Mora.

His legendary response to the seemingly harmless question of whether or not he believed the playoffs were a possibility was hilarious.

God bless him for his deft analysis of his team’s gross performance.

Listen up, folks. And enjoy the show.

“Let me start by saying this: DO NOT blame that game on the defense, OK?," he said. "I don’t care who you play, whether it’s a high school team, a junior college team, a college team, much less an NFL team, when you turn the ball over five times...you ain’t gonna beat anybody. That was a disgraceful performance. We gave it away. We gave them the frigging game. In my opinion, that sucked.”

I must interject.

When somebody uses the word “sucked” as an adjective, it causes even the most mature adults to giggle like schoolchildren. Many of the reporters in the surrounding area could be heard snickering.

Mora continued to let his furious flag fly.

“You can’t turn it over five times," he said. "I don’t know who the hell we think we are when we do something like that. We’ve thrown five interceptions returned for touchdowns. That might be a league record. And we’ve still got six games left. So there’s no telling how many we’ll have.  I mean it’s absolutely pitiful to play like that...horrible.”

“Just Horrible.”


It is too late to turn back now, Jim.

Bring it on home.

“Playoffs," he continued. "Don’t talk about playoffs. Are you kidding me? I’m just hoping we can win a game, another game.”

The Colts did eventually win another game. Two more, in fact.

They finished 6-10, and Mora was dismissed for the Super Bowl-winning, Bible-thumping Tony Dungy after the final game.

But his diatribe lives on in the world of the Internet.

When you want a good, hearty sports treat, pump up the volume on this juicy nugget.

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